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UV.STV-21 TANZANIA Jambiani- ZANZIBAR ENVI-EDU-MANU 24/08/2020 05/09/2020

Basic Information


Project code: UV.STV-21

Project name:  Ecological footprint awareness   

Starting date: 24th Aug. 2020


Ending date: 5th Sept.2020

Location: Jambiani- ZANZIBAR

Number of Volunteers: 10

Min. age: 16

Max. age: 99

Participation Fee: €250


Ecological footprint is a method of gauging humans’ dependence on natural resources by calculating how much of the environment is needed to sustain a particular lifestyle. In other words, it measures the demand vs. the supply of nature. Calculating human’s dependency on nature is one way of measuring sustainability, which refers to the ability of a population to support itself in the present without compromising that ability for the future.


Production and consumption of goods and services that have minimal impact upon the environment, are socially equitable and economically viable whilst meeting the basic needs of humans, however they have been less knowledge and awareness comparing to the consumption advertisements. This project is organized to fill the gap, bring people from different diverse backgrounds to exchange knowledge on the topic. Volunteers will spend time to work with local community members and other organized groups to sensitize them on ecological footprint and the importance of calculations.



  • Eco-footprint scavenger hunt

Volunteers will pair up to find response to a number of questions from a number of topics related to lifestyles of individual community members as well institutions. The questions will be gathered to build a base for understanding of ecological footprint.

  • Community Environmental Clean-up

An activity committed to getting our hands dirty and picking up trash. Trash is a threat to wildlife, and a cause of pollution through runoff and off-gassing. It’s our duty as environmental stewards of the earth to pick it up. Community members will be sensitized to make clean up a lifestyle.

  • Speaking Events

Volunteers will join speaking events aiming in educating the community on information pertaining to the environment, as well as problems and possible solutions.

  • Ecological footprint calculation workshops

2 hours workshops organized for community focus groups (Elders, women, Youths/Students, Businesses, faith-based groups,etc.) that will assist members of each group in developing a greater understanding of how to lighten their ecological footprints by providing simple yet effective ways to make sustainable choices in one’s day to day life.


Accommodation & Food


At the community residential house. Get ready to share room with other 2-4 volunteers of the same sex. Toilets and washrooms will be outside the house. Water and electricity will be available. No beds, however we will have mattresses to lay on the floor. Our kitchen-volunteer staff will be available to prepare meals however, each volunteer will be required to help in meals preparation. Vegetarian meals will be available for the entire period of the project.


Location & Leisure


Jambiani is an old fishing village on the southeast coast of Zanzibar between Paje and Makundichi.  Jambiani has a laidback vibe with friendly local people who mix with tourists. The community has a strong seaweed culture with many farms dotting the coastline and employing a good number of locals, mainly women. Their main source of income is fishing and seaweed farming.  Jambiani is the best destination in Zanzibar Island to get a good insight of the local way of life and everything is in walking distance. The beach is located 2 Min away from the accommodation. Possibilities for free time activities includes:

  • Spicy tour & Zanzibar stone town tour
  • Visiting Islands (Prison, Pongwe, Mnemba, Uzi etc)
  • Dolphin tour, Blue lagoon, safari Blue and Fishing game
  • Jozani Forest with cultural and eco tours
  • Sun set at Kae Funk
  • Jambiani Village tour and Jambiani Snorkelling

Remarks (Other Information)

Non-Tanzanian volunteers are required to have business visa in order to join this project. Visa is available online and can be also obtained at the airport or other border of entry on arrival by presenting UVIKIUTA invitation letter.


Special Requirements

  • Motivation and interest to do voluntary work
  • Interest to do work outdoors manual work including painting
  • Interested to work with Children and young people (Teenagers)
  • Be open minded, interested on other cultures
  • Flexible and be able to adopt easily


Nearest Airport

Zanzibar International Airport


Meeting Point 

Volunteers will be picked up at Kiponda Bed & Breakfast accommodation, located along Kiponda Street in Zanzibar Stone town on the 24th August 2020 at 16:00 hrs. (You may wish to reserve your accommodation in this place if arriving before the date/time indicated). Visit their website or call the manager for reservation.