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ZWA_STV 02 ZIMBABUE Victoria Falls – Matebeleland North Province CONS 01/05/2020 14/05/2020

ZWA_STV 02 Victoria Falls 01/05/2019-14/05/2019-Construction 30 Volunteers
Work: Volunteers who join this exciting international workcamp get an opportunity to immerse
into a worthy while experience in the healthcare system in Zimbabwe. It should be noted that this
workcamp does not seek to give volunteers a medical experience. It is meant to give volunteers a
chance to experience how dilapidated healthcare facilities have become in Zimbabwe and take
part in making a difference by refurbishing the infrastructure. Volunteers will engage in
repainting walls, replacing window panes, broken doors, working on signage, painting and
redesigning the fire assembly point, refurbishing car park area among other critical hospital
The team of participants will be split into two groups. Fifteen volunteers will work from
Chinotimba Clinic on the same duties while the other fifteen will go to Victoria Falls Hospital.
We are working with other international and regional players to help furnish the healthcare
facilities with equipment and call upon anyone wishing to donate to mobilize anything usable in
a healthcare facility.
Accommodation: Volunteers will be accommodated at the volunteer guest house which is
located approximately 4kms from the city centre. Internet facilities are provided free of charge
for volunteers 24hrs a day. However, it should be noted that this may be regulated or restricted in
some instances depending on the daily usage but would generally be available all the time.
Running water and water system toilets are available
Location: Victoria Falls: Victoria Falls – Matebeleland North Province
Language: English
Special Remarks: Participants should be mature and willing to work independently, and
prepared for long hours.
Terminal: Victoria Falls International airport