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SJV2008 VIETNAM Ba Vi National Park CHILD/SOCI/ CUL 20/07/2020 29/07/2020

Organizing summer camp for teenagers

at Ba Vi National

20/07/2020 –


Ba Vi
National Park

Organizing summer camp for
teenagers at Ba Vi National Park




The world is undergoing massive ecological,
social and spiritual destructions. The list is well
known: Climate change, Poverty, Hunger,
Human Trafficking, Violence, Terrorism, and so
on. In Vietnam, over the past few years, the
environmental issues have become increasingly
severe, ranging from land degradation, forest
degradation, and loss of biodiversity, water
pollution, and air pollution to solid waste
management. This is evidenced by the 2016
marine life disaster in 5 central provinces in the
country, animal genocide in major national parks,
few or nonexistent vehicle emission standards
resulting in a horrifying PSI (Pound-force per
Square Inch) level of ~180 in Hanoi last Sep, etc.
Social problems and evils have also increased in
the country after the economic reforms of 1986
with corruption, poverty, teenage violence,
illiteracy, drug addiction, and human trafficking
are the main concerns.
Why do our attempts to deal with the challenges
of our time so often fail? Why are we stuck in so
many destructive patterns today? Why do
attempts of world leaders and organizations not
seem to matter much because after all, the
problems keep multiplying? We believe that the
cause of our collective failure is due

to our blind spot. We know a great deal about
what people do and how they do it, but barely
know the reasons behind each and every action,
the source from which they operate. The
problems can only be solved when everyone has
a collective leadership capacity, a more
conscious, intentional and strategic approach to
these challenges and create a future of great
possibilities. In particular, we are convinced that
the need of transforming people’s consciousness
from ego-system (self) to eco-system (others)
awareness is the sole solution to address the
institutional failures we are all facing.
This summer camp for teenagers is one among
our attempt to explore such solution because we
believe educating teenagers lays the foundation
for sustainable development, and children
themselves, with their values and skills, can
make positive impacts on the community in their
own ways, with appropriate guidance and
support from adults. This camp would be the first
step raising awareness about the current issues
in Vietnam, introducing diversity to the local

students which teaches them to be more open-
minded, empathetic, and understanding towards

others; thus inspire them to take actions and
make the world a better place.
This project target passionate and potential
secondary and high school students studying
around Hai Phong City.
Applying the “Theory U” developed by
Presencing Institute, MIT, the camp will put
emphasis on examining different approaches
and actions that children can do to connect to the
more authentic aspects of themselves and shift

Organizing summer camp for teenagers

at Ba Vi National Park 7



their thought paradigms from “ego” to “eco” help
protect the planet, tackle poverty in our
community, better their education system and
foster their community’s well-being.
Besides the main content covered within 7 days,
the volunteers will have chances to enjoy times
in the sunshine by playing fun, engaging in
sports and games such as football, tennis, rugby
ball, tug of war and making crafts. These serve
as a perfect way for children to create a deeper
relationship with nature, challenge themselves,
increase their confidence and form meaningful
relationships with their campmates. At the end of
every day, there will be time for team bonding
activities that help teenagers learn about other
cultures, people and perspectives from other
campers that are of culturally and intellectually
diverse backgrounds.
• 19 – 26 years old
• Enrolling as an undergraduate/ postgraduate
student or working for a company
• Possessing a strong command of English
(preferably having an IELTS score of > 6.5 or of
similar level) and passionate about social causes
• Having great intra and inter-personal skills
• Committed to volunteerism
• Having great adaptability to different cultures
and lifestyles
• Passionate in educating and creating impact for
• Research, prepare and conduct a 2-hour lesson
for the entire about 1 global issue that you care
• Propose and conduct activities for the camp
(especially to introduce your culture to the
students) together with other international and
local volunteers

• Mentor and guide a group of 15 students.
Engage them in a variety of problem-solving
activities and manage all aspects of the learning
environment for your assigned group
• Participate in training sessions prior to the
• Assist with the logistics aspect of the camp and
other ad-hoc duties.
Location Ba Vi National Park in Hanoi
Nearest International Airport NoiBai
International Airport (HAN
Accommodation and food
-The volunteers will stay in a resort at Ba Vi
National Park, Ha Noi during the camp.
-The volunteers can stay at the SJ Vietnam office
for free before and after the camp some days
(please inform us for the reservation).
3 meals will be provided a day. Mainly Asian
cuisine and we do cater to special dietary
requirements (vegetarian, vegan, halal...)
Transportation Public bus to the project training
in Hai Phong City and the project site in Ba Vi
National Park
Preparations Prove-water clothes, raincoat, info
materials and pictures of your country, toys and
activities materials for the children if you have.


(We only accept transfer payment in advanced. At least 2 weeks for work-camp and 1

month for long-term project before projects start)

5.500.000 VND
(5.800.000 on
arrival day)