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IBG 06 ALEMANIA Oberzissen ENVI,RENO,MANU 27/05/2020 10/06/2020

CLEANING STREAMS OBERZISSEN | IBG 06 | 2020-05-27 - 2020-06-10 | ENVI,RENO,MANU | Age: 18 - 26


Oberzissen is a village with 1.100 inhabitants not far from Bonn. For the first time the local community asked IBG for the support of international volunteers. They ask for help to clear three small streams leading through the village centre but at the same time they are excited to meet you and get to know the different cultures of all volunteers. Your support will help the community to avoid the dangers of flooding (SDG 11 sustainable communities).

Work: Clean three small streams in Oberzissen to avoid floodings! The streams were piped underground for years and then reopened. They still run in a canalized stream bed, but have become an important part of the townscape again. In order to prevent flooding, the streams must be cleared of vegetation over a length of about 300m. Branches, plants and rubbish can lead to the formation of barriers during heavy rainfall and flood the village centre. In addition, the railings on the banks are sanded down and repainted where necessary. These are an important safety precaution to ensure that nobody - especially children - falls into the streams, which are about 1m lower than the roads. Under the guidance of a master painter you will work in the middle of the village. Some smaller additional tasks will complete the project.

Accomodation and food: You will stay in the local sports hall and the buildings of the soccer club, kitchen, showers and mats are provided. Outside you have plenty of space to use and also a small barbecue area. Volunteers will cook together.

Location: Oberzissen

Location and Leisure: Oberzissen is a village with 1.100 inhabitants not far from Bonn. Oberzissen offers friendly people, a beautiful landscape, two pubs and an ice-cream parlour. You can find supermarkets in the net village (2km). On Whit Monday (June 1st) there will be a special cultural event: A catholic procession with horses and tractors starts in Oberzissen and leads to the neighbouring village and its chapel. Oberzissen has also a historic railway running the weekends with steam engine. Asides of this, you can go hiking, make barbecues, discover the nature, and have different activities together with locals. The number of excursions will be limited you can visit the Rhine Valley or other sights.

Train/Bus station: Airport Cologne (CGN), train station of Sinzig


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

You can combine this workcamp very well with IBG05 Grimburg (ending May 27th), the distance is appro. 100km.