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ijgd 70119 ALEMANIA Angermünde / Stolpe ART,STUD,RENO 04/04/2020 19/04/2020

Dance and help create a new art space! | ijgd 70119 | 2020-04-04 - 2020-04-19 | ART,STUD,RENO | Age: 16 - 26


https://www.kulturparkstolpe.de/ https://www.ponderosa-dance.de/kids-teens.html

Work: Do you want to spend two weeks getting creative in an artistic and international environment? Then come to Stolpe, where a former cement factory waits to be transformed by you into a new and exciting art space! Hosted by the artist community Ponderosa, in this work- and art-camp you will be able to create and explore on two levels: In the first part of the day, you will participate in dance workshops by professional international dance and performance teachers, exploring movement and finding your unique expression in dance. In the second part, you will help build a new cultural space out of a former factory by for example painting the ware houses, building simple platforms for sitting/chilling /tenting, creating new info signs for our visitors, helping local architects and set designers with basic construction work, creating/decorating the bar, & party spaces for festivities, gardening/planting in our new urban agro- forest plot… the tasks will be as diverse as your workcamp group!

Accomodation and food: You sleep in beds in shared rooms in a newly renovated building on the area of the cement factory. You cook together.

Location: Angermünde / Stolpe

Location and Leisure: Location: 90 km northeast of Berlin on the Polish border in the Odertal nature reserve. Activity: Dance workshops with our teachers* and assistance in beautifying the cultural park Free time: Bicycles are at your disposal with which you can move through the beautiful landscape of the Oder Valley nature reserve. In Brandenburg with its many lakes there are also many great swimming opportunities in natural surroundings. On weekends you can also plan a trip to the dazzling metropolis of Berlin or even to Poland.

Train/Bus station: Angermünde

Requirements: You don t need any previous experience in dance, bring your curiosity for movement and design with you.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 150 EUR

You don t need any previous experience in dance, bring your curiosity for movement and design with you.