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NICE-20-0809F MALASIA Kuala Lumpur SOCI, KIDS 09/08/2020 22/08/2020


Golden Life 3

Kuala Lumpur







Working in the nursing home to have a precious time with the elders.


The workcamp has been organized with Malaysian Organization of Volunteer Exchange
(MOVE), since 2019 Aug. in this place. MOVE is a workcamp NGO founded in 2006, but
stopped activities for some years and NICE restarted co-organizing since 2017!
Bernice Home was found by a lady by the name of Bernice. She started this home for senior
citizens who need quality home care services to seniors with limited mobility or dementia
and hence social interaction. She started this home in 2000 and the second home in 2018.
The founder belief “life shouldn’t end when you are old, it should be full of happy memories
regardless of the age. The founder wants to keep the seniors active and engaged through
physical, mental and social activities, all in the comfort of their home.

Volunteers will help in arranging extra activities for the senior citizens, such as art, craft,
painting, gardening, storytelling, music and movement activities. Other than that volunteers
could help the nursing care helpers to cook and take part in daily cleaning routines. Some of
the days, bring the senior citizens for an evening walk if weather permits. Otherwise lots of,
indoor activities could be conduct.


Bernice Home. Three meals will be provided. Sleeping bag is necessary. There is open space
with attach bathroom/toilet. Volunteers will use the space as their accommodation and
sleep by using sleeping bag.

Study theme

Situation of senior citizens and elderly home in each country. Local SDGs (2030 goals) of
Bernice Home

Other activitiesCreate a herb garden or vegetable garden for the elderly people. Visit around Kuala Lumpur
city, and the cultural heritage of Malaysia, cultural exchange events.


The home is located in Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. https://goo.gl/maps/84vfEaSMEaBL2b4x8

terminal: Kuala Lumpur - Volunteers will meet at the nearest train station and need to arrive at the
airport by 14:00 on Aug. 9th (or 06:00 on Aug. 15th) and can leave there after the noon on
Aus. 22nd (or 22:00 on Aug. 16th).

Requirement: Bring along your expertise, such as singing, dancing, arts and craft and most important your
caring heart to engage with these old people.

fee:200 MYR + 50 x days of participation, so 900 MYR (about 216 USD) for 14 days and 600 MYR
for 8 days to be paid on your arrivals. 150 MYR less for repeaters of MOVE workcamps and
those from less expensive countries.

Language: English (Malay is also welcomed!)

Other:8 days participation is possible only in 08/09-08/16 and 08/15-08/22. Please write the period
to join on the form. Vols. might have 2 days trip on 08/15-08/16, so if 8 days vols. want to
join it and the flight schedule does not fit, they can join from 08/14 or till 08/17.
MTV in 08/08-09/20 doing the camp leader in Golden Life 3, PTF 2 and YCK 2, who has
workcamp experience, is also needed!