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NICE-20-0216F SRI LANKA Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka SOCI,MANU 16/02/2020 12/03/2020

Higu SI | NICE-20-0216F | 2020-02-16 - 2020-03-12 | SOCI,MANU | Age: 20 - 99


While we working here we met very interesting people who struggling to win their life objectives against the poverty. Selected family was victimized in 1989, leftists’ rebellions killed their father. After that family was scattered but not fallen down, they are trying to stand up by their own feet. We are going to support the eldest of the family. Several people told us that even without parents, children grown with discipline and as a respectable family in the area. He is running a small scale bag making place at the building, rented from the government. While working with this family we expected to appreciating his effort and encouraging others to do some work that need to growing countries economy. When people have to struggle to live, they have to leave behind all other matters. Education, good life, country’s development process, good future is among them. Community should understand about their rights and meaning of life. They need kind of change to their lives and need new objective to their lives. Youths are one of the most important factors of a country. Working with volunteers giving them to a new experience of their lives and this will provide an opportunity to exchange experience, culture and mean of peace. It’ll enable to change their lives into positive way and lead to world peace in the future.

Work: Basically volunteers are going to work at the bag making place while assisting their daily work. Checking the bags, bundle them, keep records about the production among the work. All these works are time consuming work and they need human resources to achieve their targets.

Accomodation and food: Village house with a host family, located close to nice paddy fields. There is electricity and mobile phones are working. There are 3G/2G data connection but no WiFi. You can’t use toilet papers here. Because of toilet papers will block the drainage lines. You have to wash your cloths by hand and have to hang outside for drying. At the night you can see lots of bright stars at the sky.

Location: Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka

Location and Leisure: Polonnaruwa, located at 200km from Colombo, was the second ancient kingdom in Sri Lanka and declared as a world heritage site. Lots of ruins are still there including stone carvings, palaces, temples, pagodas, shrines, parks and lakes etc. and most of them are more than 1100 years old and this is a very populated destination among the tourists. Total area is religious and thousands of pilgrimages visiting daily and for religious ceremonies. Lots of ruins still can see 27km around the city. Majority of the population is depending on paddy farming. Polonnaruwa is another low population density area recorded 122 people per square Km. Leisure : Community activities, participating meetings and share your experiences with villagers, and more

Train/Bus station: Bandaranaike International Airport You should arrive at Colombo by the end of Feb 15th. On the 16th you will move to Higurakdamana / Higurakgoda from Colombo and stay there till the morning of the last day. Then, you will come back to Kandy and proceed to airport. You can be at airport after 22:00 or they can follow their own agenda.

Requirements: A) Above 20 years of age B) working ability with minimum supervision C) Moderated English, speaking, reading and writing ability D) Good health condition E) Ability to adopt and respect local conditions, environment and culture F) Strictly no alcohol, no smoking and no drugs during the period of volunteer program

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 315 USD