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NICE-LI-KW20-07 JAPÓN Kawaba, Gunma KIDS 17/07/2020 31/08/2020

Kawaba 20-07 (Gunma) | NICE-LI-KW20-07 | 2020-07-17 - 2020-08-31 | KIDS | Age: 18 - 99


This project has been organized together with is Aruking-Club (AC). They work on the theme of making a good relationship between nature and human beings. Their aim is to make people know different faces of nature…beautiful nature, strong nature, strict nature, and generous nature, etc. As a bridge between people and nature, they organize a lot of outdoor activities, like 2 weeks summer camp for kids, nature walking, nature watching, outdoor sports, etc.

Work: AC organizes Kids camps every August for 2weeks. It is non-programing kids camps. It means that kids make all programs by themselves during the camp. Volunteers will prepare, manage and support Kids. Volunteers also support AC events, for example, Oze (One of the famous national parks in Japan) nature school, cooking events, etc.

Accomodation and food: During the kids camps, volunteers will sleep in a tent with kids. Before/after the camp, volunteers will stay at a mountain house called Yamanoie. All basic facilities are provided. There is wifi there. Cooking by volunteers self. During the kids camps, cook with kids.

Location: Kawaba, Gunma

Location and Leisure: *Location: Mountain area located around 150 km from Tokyo. 81% of the village is occupied by the forest and there are 5 clean rivers that are going through. It is located near Oze national park. *Other activities: Various enjoyable programs with kids, exchange parties, etc.

Train/Bus station: The nearest airport is Narita/Haneda airport in Tokyo. From Tokyo to the project site, about 3 hours by train or 3 hours by bus. *Volunteer needs to arrive in Japan on the day before the orientation and can leave Japan after 22:00 on the last day.

Requirements: *Language: Japanese Basically no problem for daily conversation (including work) in Japanese. Skype interview is required. *Other requirements: Strong motivation to communicate with kids, enjoy a simple life and respect for the local culture and way of the local organization! Experience in kids camps can be useful!

Language: jap

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

*Participation fee: 12,000 yen per month.