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NICE-LW-ON20-07 JAPÓN Onuma, Hokkaido ENVI,AGRI,CULT 21/07/2020 13/09/2020

Onuma 20-07 (Hokkaido) | NICE-LW-ON20-07 | 2020-07-21 - 2020-09-13 | ENVI,AGRI,CULT | Age: 18 - 99


This project has been organized with Milestone 22, a local NGO to promote voluntary service and international exchange. Short term projects have been organized since 2004. Though Onuma lake has been a popular tourism spot for a long time because of its beautiful scenery, it has been polluted by overuse of agricultural chemicals by cattle farming and erosion from abandoned forests with non-native trees. A leader of Fishermen’s Cooperative has bought a forest and wants to revive it to original nature!

Work: Volunteers will cut alien trees and planting native trees to create better forests around the lake in a mountain. Also, volunteers will support local farmers, to harvest tomato, potato, etc. Volunteers will join and support some local festivals to cheer up for people who live in around Onuma area. Volunteers also join and support such as international festivals and local festivals in Hakodate city.

Accomodation and food: Rental house and apartment house near the lake. Cooked by vols. by turn.

Location: Onuma, Hokkaido

Location and Leisure: *Location: South of Hokkaido islands, in a national park near Hakodate city which is famous for romantic view in the night, especially for sweet couples! *Other activities: Excursion, exchange parties, local events, farming experience, school visit, sports, etc. Sightseeing, short trips (hot springs, famous places here).

Train/Bus station: The nearest airport is Hakodate airport in Hokkaido. From Hakodate city, 1 hour by train. From Sapporo city, 3 hours by express train. *Volunteer needs to arrive at Hakodate airport by 12:00 on the 1st day and can leave Hakodate airport after 12:00 on the last day.

Requirements: *Language: English The local host can speak English. Japanese speaking skill is not necessary, but the high motivation to learn and speak Japanese language is needed. *Other requirements: Interests in environmental issues and agriculture. Respect for the local culture and way of the local organization! Motivation to work hard. Open mind and cooperation with others.

Language: eng,jap

Extra Fee: 12000 JPY

*Participation fee: 12,000 yen per month (6,000 yen from the 4th month).