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ijgd 20329 ALEMANIA Ingelheim ENVI 21/03/2020 04/04/2020

ijgd 20329 - #Nature-#Forest-#Rhine - Tree Planting Event 2020

21.03.-04.04.2020 in Ingelheim

Age: 18-26 / 9 international Volunteers
ENVI Environmental 


Are you a nature lover? Then this is the perfect workcamp for you! Here you will have the opportunity to spend 2 weeks working and living in the forest. Your main task will be to plant trees as part of an active contribution to conservation! You will also be helping out with several other conservation tasks, such as forest maintenance, constructing and repairing protective fences, and preserving the biotopes in the area. By working on these activities, you will also learn a lot about the ecosystem of a forest!

You will be living in the leisure centre, which is located in the middle of the forest. Some of your meals will be prepared for you by the accommodation team. You will cook your evening meals together as a group.

You will be living in a beautiful building at a site in the middle of a forest, where you will be able to have a barbecue and sit around the campfire in the evenings. A minibus will be available for your group to use so that you can also get to know the surrounding area and travel to the local swimming pool, the animal park or the climbing area. Trips to the river Rhine with its many castles, to Koblenz, Mainz, Heidelberg or Frankfurt are also possible. The closest town to your accommodation is Bingen, which offers its own sights and attractions.

The nearest airport: FRA in Frankfurt,Germany