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VSA2003 TAILANDIA Khao Krajom Renovation /Educational /Agricultural 09/03/2020 21/03/2020

VSA Clay House VSA2003 

9/03/2020 - 21/03/2020 

 Additional host fee THB 9500

 10 volunteers 


Build the clay house – will learn and help the local host to prepare the clay building and repairing the house. Teaching the art as an assistant – The volunteer will be an assistant to teach the art in the schools and community. Also create recreation activities such as games, songs, intercultural exchanges together with the art club. Farming work – growing and eating what we grow. The idea of green homestay to have clean and safe food.

Accomodation and food

The participant will stay in the clay house and tent. Share one big room together, separate male and female. Basic and simple. Mattress, pillow, blanket, and fan are provided. The participant will take turn cooking Thai ingredients with the Thai coordinator.

Location and leisure

Pong Krating Reservoir, Khao Krajom (Krajom Mountain), waterfall and hot spring

Project hosted by

Poo Can Ban Leng Clay is a green homestay/resort where the local host is the Art freelance teacher. They teach Art fr the students in the school and community for free and help them to learn art in various forms, painting, music, clay house as well as support them using art for their occupation. There is the music festival which has been organized every year in the clay house homestay and resort. The center open for everyone who keens to learn and homeless would like to start the new life by learning new skills to be an entrepreneur.

Meeting point

Suan Phung Bus Station, Suan Phung District at 14:00 on 09 March 2020

Additional comments

Respect culture, open mind, and love to learn and share