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IBG 04 (CANCELADO) ALEMANIA Aach Environmental Manual Work 04/05/2020 18/05/2020




 4/05/2020 - 18/05/2020 

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 9 volunteers 




Manual Work


This year the main focus of the working project will be to link two hiking paths. At the moment there is a gap of 50-60m between the two different paths. Concrete tasks will be: cutting vegetation, levelling ground, sign-posting… Other small tasks to maintain the local infrastructure will be added: e.g. to grind and repaint the handrails on various stairs, to work in the public green areas of the village or to maintain the village’s barbecue hut. The work will be realised under the supervision of several experienced local volunteers (craftsmen).

Accomodation and food

In a community centre in rooms call "family barn". Usually these rooms are offered to people in the village to celebrate birthday parties or similar events, or to local initiatives for trainings. There is also a small kitchen and you can use the bathrooms of the sportshall which is in the same building.

Location and leisure

Aach is a village with approx. 1.000 inhabitants not far from Trier in Western Germany near the border to Luxemburg. It offers several pubs but no shops, friendly people and a beautiful landscape. The village is situated in a deep valley, the different houses climb up the steep hills. You can go hiking, make barbecues, discover nature, and have different activities together with locals (e.g.an international cooking event or a training session together with the local voluntary fire-brigadeaeuro). The number of excursions will be limited due to the poor local transport but for sure you will visit Trier, the oldest German city with many Roman sights (as Porta Nigra), a famous cathedral, many clubs and events ...

Project hosted by

Aach is a small village not far from Trier. After three great international workcamps between 2017 and 2019, the local community is really enthusiastic about workcamps. If you look for a project answering a local need combined with an intense exchange with locals, Aach is definitively the right place to be.

Meeting point

bus stop in Aach

Additional comments

In previous years, international volunteers have already taken many actions to help with the sustainable development within the community (UN SDG 11): they built a safe path for pupils on the way to the school bus stop, supported the renovation of many small projects (barbecue hat, Jewish graveyard, rest area) and developed a public green area in the middle of the village. But what probably gave the local community even more was the encounter with the international volunteers and the networking within the village through the common host role. This will for sure continue in 2020, beside of the hiking path the international cooking event of volunteers and local inhabitants will be a highlight with sustainable impulses. If you want to stay longer in Germany, you can combine this workcamp with the workcamp IBG 05 Castle Festival Grimburg. Both workcamps take place in the same region and you can easily travel by local train from one workcamp to the next on the same day.