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IBG 02 ALEMANIA Kappel-Grafenhausen Environmental Manual Work 05/04/2020 18/04/2020



 5/04/2020 - 18/04/2020 

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 10 volunteers 


The workcamp is going to help with the continuous transformation of the forest into a light wood pasture. You will clear out certain areas of the forest, plant young oak trees and build wooden fences around them to protect them from the grazing animals. A second project will be the improvement of a hiking path through the nature park: You will build two footbridges and level the path. In case of rainy weather, you will install bird nesting boxes and carve out a birthing cave for wildcats.

Accomodation and food

You will be accommodated in the local primary school building, which includes sanitary facilities and a kitchen. You will be able to shower in the school gym next door. Camp beds are provided, but please bring a sleeping bag. There is a bakery in the village and a supermarket in the next village, which can be reached by foot.

Location and leisure

Kappel-Grafenhausen is situated right at the border to France, next to the Rhine river and the nature park with beautiful landscape in which you will be working. In addition, you will be very close to the Black Forest, which is perfect for hiking trips. Of course you can also do some sightseeing in your free time, for example visit Freiburg.

Project hosted by

The community of Kappel-Grafenhausen has initiated a special biodiversity preservation project in 2015: The Wild Wood Pastures! By introducing a small herd of Salers cattle and some Konik horses to the neighbouring nature park Taubergießen, they are returning to a historic use of land which had been given up in the 18th century. Throughout the year, the animals are roaming freely and grazing in the woods, which leads to a light forest. This allows room for animals and plants that have been pushed out of regular working forests and green lands. The grazing animals are changing the structure of vegetation and wildlife in a way that would be impossible to achieve through human hand. Many threatened species, especially birds and insects, have since returned to the area. This project is great for anyone with an interest in nature preservation and biodiversity.

Additional comments

If you want to stay longer in Germany and get the ultimate Black Forest experience, you can combine this workcamp with the workcamp IBG 03 Black Forest Grafenhausen. Both take place in the same region and you can easily reach the next workcamp by local trains.