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VINLTV01A NEPAL Kathmandu Teaching 01/10/2019 31/12/2019

VINLTV01A - English in Buddhist Monastery

DATE: Our project starts on the 1st and 15th of every month.

VIN’s teaching English at Buddhist monastery/ nunnery project aims to give volunteers/interns a true taste of life at the monastery. It aims for an ex- change between the religious members of a certain community and foreigners from a drastically differ- ent community that have just one thing in common: the eagerness to learn. You may learn about Buddhist culture, while the monks and nuns may learn the English language, an extremely important asset for them.

Possible Daily activities 

Creating lesson plans for your daily teaching. 

Teach regular English classes. 

Interacting with the children of the Buddhist monastery. 

Helpthe other teachers advance their English. Teach basic sanitation/hygiene. 


 Attach your updated resume / curriculum vitae (CV) with two referee contact details 

(referees can be for your work/university/family); 

 Await confirmation from VIN for acceptance; 

 VIN Volunteer / Internship project induction starts on the 1st and 15th of each month. 

The induction period is considered part of your project period. If you wish to come in between for a short period, you will receive a basic orientation before the placement. Please arrive one day prior (e.g. on the 14th if you are starting on the 15th) to the project induction date.

After you receive the confirmation letter from VIN, you will also receive your placement in- formation; project specific information, a host family information sheet, fundraiser TIPS, a project schedule and other induction information etc.


The induction is spread over three days and starts on 1st and 15th of each month. During the induction you will have different sessions. 

These sessions include: 

 Introduction to the organization: 

Brief introduction about VIN - history, projects, working communities etc. 

Arrival review: We will have a talk about how your first day was, about the airport pickups, as well as answer- ing questions about problems and con- cerns. 

Sightseeing: S ightseeing is also part of the induction period, comprised of two different places of cultural importance heritage of Kathmandu valley, such as Boudha, Patan Square, Pashupatinath etc. 

Cultural Tips: When compared to western culture, there are a lot of differences in culture. We provide tips which will help to adapt into the Nepali life style smoothly. 

 Placement Information:

You will receive a support pack with detailed information 

about the host family, your daily schedule, their traditions and family members. 

Day of Arrival 

Volunteers must send their flight details so that VIN staff can receive the volunteers from the airport. Please arrive one day prior to the project start date with your method of trans- portation (this is usually flight). Our project starts on the 1st and 15th of every month.


VIN arranges accommodation for your induction period and your placement period, this means two to three nights at a hotel in Thamel, Kathmandu and then your host family or monastery/nunnery. The costs are covered by your project fee. In placement accommodation, your sleeping arrangements may be private or shared and in most cases you will be required to share a bathroom and toilet facilities with your host family or the monks/nuns. It is important for you to realize that bath- room and toilet facilities and standards of hygiene will be in accordance with local standards. These facilities and standards may sometimes be very basic and may not be up to in western standards. You must be prepared to cope with this.


VIN provides food during the placement from the project fee. You will receive at three meals a day throughout the placement, which will be of Nepali standards and usually Daal Bhat (lentil soup and rice), vegetable curry, pickle etc. If you wish to supplement your diet with other food the responsibility and cost lies with you. We will only cover food and accom- modation for the period agreed for your placement and only at your placement. 

In most cases you will be staying with a host family after the project induction and will share the same food with them. Should you have any specific dietary needs, please let us know before your arrival in Nepal. Should you wish to visit the city on the weekends then you must cover your own food and accommodation costs.


You will be received from the airport and dropped of at the hotel on the day of your arrival. After the induction period you will be placed with your host family or monastery/nunnery. At the end of your entire volunteering period you will be picked up from the host family and dropped off at a hotel or the VIN office. All of the above mentioned transportation facilities will be provided by VIN. Your personal travel (not including the first drop off at your placement and your final pick up from your placement) will be at your own costs.

Nepali Language: You will receive two to three basic Nepali language classes.

4 weeks 555 EUR 

5 weeks 630 EUR 

6 weeks 705 EUR 

7 weeks 780 EUR 

8 weeks 855 EUR 

Each aditional 


+ 75 EUR 

Note: Four weeks Volunteer & Travel Tour fee is 815 EUR & Five Weeks Volunteer & Trek- king Fee is 1295 EUR. There will be 70 EUR extra double placement is chosen. 

The payment can be made prior to or on the first day of the induction. We accept only cash, 

(if you wish to pay by PayPal, there will be 5.5% extra cost to cover PayPal’s cost and transfer fees). You can also pay in NPR, USD, Sterling Pounds and Australian dollars. The fee is non- refundable.