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HK-SCI 7.1 HONG KONG Hong Kong Teaching / Social / Study, discussion, research 12/03/2020 22/03/2020

Capacity Building and Human Library Workcamp 

Camp code:

HK-SCI 7.1


Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China

Start Date:

12 Mar 2020

End Date:

22 Mar 2020


7: Children and youth

Work Types:

Teaching / Social / Study, discussion, research

Number of volunteers:


International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

50.00 Euro

Required Language:


Description: SCI Hong Kong is working with seven secondary schools in Hong Kong on a Global Education project. We aim to improve global understanding, creativity and life enrichment of young people. 

We are organizing a capacity building training for young people. We need volunteers to help us carry out that training. 

The seminar will empower youth capacity in creativity, social cohesion, leadership and provide them a vision for the future.

Type of Work: The program highlight is two residential training programs lasting three-days-two-nights for 25 students each. Non-formal education methods are used alongside various activities including human library, invisible theater, and more, in these workshops.

Volunteers will assist in running the program with such as preparation of food and workshops.

During the program volunteers will also visit two schools to conduct a Human Library in which volunteers will become a human book to share their stories. 

Study Theme: Global Citizenship, Hong Kong Education system, Chinese culture in Hong Kong

Accommodation: Lei Yue Mun Park, the only holiday village in the urban districts of Hong Kong. 

75 Chai Wan Road, Hong Kong

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese 

Requirements: A curiosity in Chinese culture. Open-minded to sharing own cultures thru interaction. 

Approximate Location: Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China

Notes: Selected volunteers are required to send us a police report to declare that you have not been convicted of any crimes. This is a legal requirement since volunteers are working with children.

Organization Description: SCI Hong Kong, China is the Chinese group of Service Civil International. It was accepted as a group by the International Executive Committee in 2011.