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CONCUKLTV01C-20 REINO UNIDO Canterbury, UK ELDE,DISA,SOCI 23/06/2020 22/06/2021

VOLCARE - Canterbury - JUNE 2020 | CONCUKLTV01C-20 | 2020-06-23 - 2021-06-22 | ELDE,DISA,SOCI | Age: 20 - 99


Volcare is a small registered charity in South East Kent providing home based respite care to Carers of the elderly and/or disabled dependents with special needs.

Work: Volcare offers Carers the opportunity to have a break from their caring role by offering them flexible home based respite care. Carers are: friends or relatives who care for someone full-time, e.g. a wife caring for a disabled husband, a daughter caring for an elderly parent, or a parent caring for a disabled child. Carers can find it very difficult to get a break from caring and Volcare offers them the opportunity to take breaks/holidays. This is called respite care. Volunteers get to know Carers and their families by visiting them on a regular basis for a whole day, over a three to four week period (this can vary from family to family), before moving in and taking over the caring role completely. The full time Carer can then have a break. This can be for a whole day or overnight, a weekend, a whole week or occasionally for two weeks (this would be shared by two volunteers). The volunteer can also volunteer alongside the Carer, this is called shared care. Each volunteer may support between 12 and 20 families during their time with Volcare. This could be on a long term or short-term basis. For all breaks longer than one day, the volunteer moves in and lives with the cared for person, staying with the person overnight. Volcare help Carers caring for people with: Parkinsons Disease, Dementia, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injury, Learning Disability, Autism, and many more conditions. As a full time volunteer you will be gaining new skills and experience as well as new friendships, lasting memories, a sense of achievement and ideas for your future career.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will either stay in a house where there are 4 volunteers or a flat where there are two volunteers and all facilities are provided. There is a telephone with incoming calls which accepts international cards and internet is also provided. Volcare will provide volunteers with food, pocket money/allowance.

Location: Canterbury, UK

Location and Leisure: Canterbury, in the county of Kent, near the South East coast about 60 miles from London. There is a large elderly population as the area is popular with retired people. The volunteers will be living in the Cathedral city of Canterbury which has a large student population. Close to the coast and some very beautiful countryside. Day trips to London and even to France can be easily planned (depending on your visa status)

Train/Bus station: Canterbury

Requirements: This project is open only to female volunteers. If you are interested please contact Concordia for an application pack and more information about the project.

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 40 GBP

VOLUNTEER S PROFILE: THE PROJECT IS OPEN ONLY TO FEMALE VOLUNTEERS The volunteer should be 20+. Good level of English and excellent communication skills. Friendly and able to initiate a conversation. Mature and confident, reliable and honest. Able to commit to 12 months. Able to volunteer with families who have pets. Interested in care work Independent and self reliant. This will ideally suit someone wanting a career in Social work, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy etc. TRAINING. Volcare provides all of the support and training. TRANSPORT ON PROJECT. This is a great opportunity for the right volunteer. Volunteers need to use public transport on a regular basis to visit families so volunteers will need to be able to use timetables and maps. POCKET MONEY. The volunteer will receive pocket money (£75 per week) and all the day to day transport related to the project in the UK will be reimbursed at the end of each month. Please note that volunteers will receive their first 4-week pocket money payment after 4 weeks from the start of the project, so volunteers need to have access to money for food, transport and personal expenses for the first 4 weeks (accommodation is provided free of charge by the host). ONLY FEMALE VOLUNTEERS. This project is only open to female volunteers. APPLICATION PROCESS. A certificate of good conduct and 2 professional referees need to be provided for the manager to contact directly. Application procedure: Volunteers who are interested in this position need to request an application form from Concordia. Volunteers can only apply via the application form. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 16/03/2020 - although we welcome applications as soon as possible and we will carry out selection as each application arrives.