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VSA1911 TAILANDIA Chiang Mai province Educational Kids Cultural 12/11/2019 24/11/2019

Thailand: Education for Countryside Children VSA1911 

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 12/11/2019 - 24/11/2019 

 Additional host fee THB 9500

 12 volunteers 

Age: 18 - 80


The volunteer is expected to work as English teachers in the primary school. They can prepare their lesson by themselves, but the teacher at the school can give the advice (do not expect this point too much even the teachers are also shy to speak out). Creative teaching English – Creative teaching is important to recognize; teaching certificate does not need for specific quality of the volunteer but creative is the one of yours. The aims of creative teaching are giving the chance for students in the school or the place nearby to have the opportunity to communicate with different language, touch difference culture, and believing. Teaching Activity is that the volunteer would do the activities base on intercultural and language with the games, songs, storytellings, and dancings. Also, it should focus on communication; listening and speaking.

Accomodation and food

The volunteer will stay in the alternative school learning center. • Nature environment, basic and simple. • Mattress, pillow, and fan are provided. • Thai toilet and bath. • Washing clothes by hand. • No food and drinks except drinking water in the sleeping area for your care because some animals such as the mouses, ants, will come to share your food. • Please keep clean and tidy. The volunteer expects to eat Thai food and take turn cooking with a local volunteer.

Location and leisure

There are many beautiful tourist attractions in Chiang Mai province. The weather in January is approximately 10 – 30 degree Celsius. We would like to recommend the local temples, Chiang Mai Walking Street Market and Doi Inthanon National Park. The local temples – There are over 300 temples in Chiang Mai. The most popular temple is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Once time, you should go to visit! Chiang Mai Walking Street Market – The night market where you can buy the handmade souvenirs among the chilling atmosphere. Moreover, there is a night Bazaar Market in the center of Chiang Mai city. The market is full of the shops for 2 kilometers. You will find many shopping stores, restaurants, and hotels. Doi Inthanon National Park – The mountain is located in Mae Chaem district where the camp is created. It is the highest spot and mountain in Thailand. You can find more information at: http://www.tourismthailand.org/About-Thailand/Destination/Chiang-Mai http://www.chiangmai.bangkok.com/

Project hosted by

VSA1911 Education for Countryside Children is created at Kong Khaek School where it is the school for the countryside children in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Ban Kong Khaek School has been opened for teaching that starts from the kindergarten to junior high student level, located in northern Thailand. There are 238 students including the hill tribe children. The volunteer can share and learn culture, language, and knowledge with the local community and children in school. Everyone can study about each country, nationality, culture, etc. in the real situation. The volunteer can see how the difference between people even they live in the same city. Moreover, the volunteer will know more about Thailand during working in the local community. The great volunteers came to give the opportunity for children and the local people in the community. Many local people can improve their English skills through a group by a group of volunteer, or at least they try to speak the English language more. They dare to face and work with the foreigner even though they cannot speak English. Moreover, the volunteers have changed the local community. They used to stay lively and trustily with the foreigner. Local people have a chance to learn, accept, and adopt the ways of life with the new cultures from the volunteers who are like an intercultural ambassador. We need volunteer to give more opportunity for the children and people in the countryside to link between global and local, improve the local and global situation of natural environment, culture, poverty, and human rights, support local NGOs, and self-sufficiency and human development of the local community, promote friendship, understanding, and solidarity among world youth and local people.

Meeting point

Chiang Mai Train Station at 2.00 p.m. on 12 November 2019

Additional comments

Respect culture, open mind, and love to learn and share The volunteer who has tattoo cannot join this project.


• Teaching clothes, every shirt needs to cover shoulders, trousers for men and skirt for women, the skirt should cover your knees. Important! No vest, blue Jeans, or shorts while teaching. • Brogue shoes or canvas shoes, no slippers when teaching. Sandals with socks can comply. • Medicine as necessary • Mosquito repellant • Your traditional music, costumes, food and drink for the intercultural night (cooking and performance) • Materials or sources (brochures, maps, souvenirs, pictures, flags, or handicrafts to introduce about your country and culture). • Sunglasses and sun-block cream • Toilet paper (you can buy it at the shop in the village) • Any interesting materials such as CDs, ideas for games/activities for students. • Motivation, good humor, and communication skills • Raincoat or umbrella (during rainy season)