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MTVUS-SCI 09 ESTADOS UNIDOS 135 Casa Marina Pl Sanford, FL 32771 Disabilities 01/06/2019 31/05/2020

Possibilities in Life Sharing

Theme: Disabilities

Location: 135 Casa Marina Pl Sanford, FL 32771

Duration:Minimum of 5 months 

Application: The volunteer will be asked to send information and set up a Skype interview, if accessible. Deci- sion: one to two weeks after this interview.



Project Description:

We are currently the only Life Sharing home in the area but we are active in the community, with efforts to improve the lives of disabled people. We really do practice Life Sharing, when everyone is a mentor, and everyone is a mentee. We seek to grow and learn together. A volunteer will have the opportunity to travel and participate in conferences related to disabilities in general, and Autism in particular.

Work: Personal care of disabled adult woman; driving; shared housekeeping and cooking. Assist the disabled adult in every task and activity as scheduled.Requirements: The volunteer must be at least 28 years old, female or identify as female. No previous knowledge required but must be willing to learn from the disabled person they are going to assist. Respect for all types of diversity is required.

Food: Food will be provided.
Accommodation: The volunteer will have a private room and will share a bath- room. The volunteer will have access to a car for personal time one day off per week. Arrangements for extra time off are possible.
Pocket money: 250 USD per month

Insurance: We will not be able to provide insurance, so we advise the volunteer to purchase insurance before they come.

Fees: None
Visa: SCI will provide documents for Visa.

Others: An ongoing course in English as a Second Language is available locally.