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The Lukas Community

Theme: Disabilities

Location:Temple, New Hampshire, USA

Duration:2 volunteers needed immediately through Sept of 2020

Application: To apply: 1.Submit CV, letter of motivation, and current photo. 2.Volunteer Coord Heidi Spears will call for a phone interview 3.will check refer- ences

Vacancies: 2

Languages: English

Project Description:

Lukas is a year round residential community for adults with developmental dis- abilities, located in scenic Temple, NH. It provides a caring, therapeutic environ- ment in which each person is recognized as a unique human being with dignity, freedom and purpose. Disabled members live in extended family households with able coworkers and share in the work in crafts studios, gardens and households, as well as a rich variety of artistic and cultural events. The therapeutic focus of the Lukas Community is inspired by the teachings of the Austrian philosopher and humanitarian, Rudolf Steiner.

Work: Volunteers spend approximately twelve months living and working with the adult residents who have a wide range of abilities and challenges. There is some work within the households (personal care of the residents, meal prepara- tion, housekeeping as needed, etc.) and also outside the home in such activities as therapeutic gardening, Eurythmy (therapeutic dance), weaving, music, fitness activities, painting and crafts to name a few. Volunteers are guided by co-workers and houseparents.

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There are 17 residents, 10 staff members and 9 volunteers. Most of the volunteers come from outside of the US.
Requirements: Applicants should have an open mind, an eagerness to learn, a sense of commitment to the residents and a strong sense of responsibility.

All volunteers must be 18 years old by their arrival date in the US.
Food: Meals are provided for volunteers. On days off, volunteers may still use the houses kitchen and food but may prepare their own meals if they wish.Accommodation: Each volunteer receives a private bedroom within the house- hold for the duration of their stay. Bathrooms are shared within the house.Pocket money: 250 USD per month
Insurance: Volunteers are required to obtain health insurance, on their own or through their hosting organization, prior to arrival.
Fees: None
Visa: Volunteers will need to obtain a B1/B2 visa for their stay, and should request a 12-month entry stamp at border control to avoid having to file an ex- tension while here
Others: Volunteers have 3-4 weeks (approximately 20 work days) off depending upon the length of their service (usually 12 months) and Lukas staffing needs. Vacation time is provided during our regularly scheduled winter and spring break periods when many residents are away. Volunteer vacations must be pre-approved by Lukas before making definite plans to be away.