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DJMTV – 1914 INDONESIA Semarang City, Central Java. CHILDREN 08/04/2019 01/04/2020

DJMTV – 1914      APRIL 19 – APRIL 20            ORPHANAGE PROJECT                        CHILDREN                          1 VOL

Background:The project collaborate with Eunike Orphanage Semarang. It is a female orphanage which are supported by the church community. The project hosts several children from different background and area of Indonesia.  Normally they are brought to orphanage by community or their own parents. Living harmony inside and outside of orphanage is what the orphanage emphasizes. The children are given responsibility into daily task from morning until evening, no matter the ages. At the moment, they are hosting children from 3 year old until 21 years old. After finishing the high school, they are given option for working or going to the university. Normally the orphans will be no longer staying in the orphanage. Nevertheless, they still get basic life support from the orphanage until they can be independent financially. In managing the children, the care taker taught them to take care of their fellow friends. In this case, they will help each other in doing their responsibility. The orphanage also educates them to be an independent through giving them on entrepreneur skills and an opportunity to practice their skills. Nevertheless, formal education is the most important for all of them. They pray, play, learn, laugh, and support each other.

Work: The role of the volunteer will be assisting the care takers in supervising the children. The volunteer will involves in their daily activity such as wake them up,  helping in school preparation, creating activity in leisure time, and learning school lesson. Moreover, the presence of volunteers could give them motivation in practicing their foreign laguage knowledge. Intercultural learning in the form of dialogue, music and games could give the student better understanding to learn about another culture from other country. 

Study theme: The volunteers will be introduced to the Indonesian culture and customs in general, with a special focus on the Javanese particularities. Some cultural visits are also foreseen.

Leisure Time: During free time, the volunteers will have the chance to visit the tourism places near the project. 

Accommodation: The accommodation and food is provided by the orphanage. The volunteer will share his/her room and the other facilities with other care takers. Facilities are simple and Indonesian style (no hot water, no internet, and no washing machine).  No vegan (strict vegetarian), flexible vegetarian is still welcomed.

Location:  Semarang City, Central Java.

Terminal of arrival: Semarang airport, railway station (Volunteer is NOT ALLOWED to buy flight ticket before getting the visa and get confirmation from the host organization)

Special Requirement: Prefer to host female volunteer.If there is a request for male volunteer upon consultation in advance.  No piercing on face, no visible tattoo, and common hair style (no colorful, dreadlock). The volunteer should love to work, open minded, be mature, respectful of local customs, tolerant, creative, and flexible and sign the agreement. Never found guilty in a criminal case in home country or in another country. Pay extra fee partially for every visa extension at local immigration office if stay offer 8 weeks. Intake condition and restriction:No intake on Fridays and during Ramadhan; arrival should be on MONDAY; no pick up during weekend; pick-up between 08.00 AM to 09.00 PM, no pick up after 09.00 PM. Volunteer should hold Visa (Social Visit Visa type 211) before entering Indonesia.

Participant Fee: 320 € or IDR 5.440.000/month (additional cost per week 70 Euro/week/person or IDR 1.190.000)

Visa Information:

Volunteer should adjust your flight duration according to the days of your stay as below to avoid any problem with the immigration.


Duration of stay





4 weeks (28 days)

No visa extension




5 – 8 weeks (35 – 56 days)

No visa extension




3 months (86  days)

1 time visa ext

40 Euro

Pay in Cash


4 months (116 days)

2 times visa ext

80 Euro

Pay in Cash


5 months (146 days)

3 times visa ext

120 Euro

Pay in Cash


6 months (176 days)

4 times visa ext

160 Euro

Pay in Cash

After 6 months the volunteer MUST LEAVE the country to apply new visa again at Indonesian Embassy in the nearest country for example in Singapore. For those who will stay over 6 months then entering Indonesian again and repeating the same procedure as above as well as add more the additional visa extension cost.  Volunteer must cover the cost of international flights, accommodation and other personal expenses during stay abroad for applying new visa.