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SJV-L1901 VIETNAM Hanoi Hanoi SOCI/KID/ CARE 01/07/2019 31/12/2019

SJV-L1901 Taking care of disabled children and youngsters in Hanoi AGE:20+ Vols:4

*Volunteers can choose the dates the want to stay being at least 1 month in the workcamp.

Phuc Tue Center currently has 80 disabled childrenincluding Down’s syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism,children who have been victims of Agent Orange,
as well as other mental illnesses. The Center has applied the specific education methods which are suited for each individual and has used psychotherapy methods in attempts to rehabilitate the mentally disabled. The mission of Phuc Tue Center is to help disabled children to become more independent in their daily life by building their self- confidence. At the center, we aim to help educate and improve mental health, as well as provide development and vocational skills training to help integrate these individuals back into employment. This does not only allow these children to feel independent in their daily life but this will also lessen the potential burden on the family and the society.


*Take care of and play with disabled children and youngsters.

*Assist teachers to manage classes and teach the children drawing.

*Create movement exercises to get children involved.

*Other tasks depending on the requirements of the center.



Accommodation and food

Volunteers will stay in the volunteer house or a host family with basic conditions. Meals are self provided or at local restaurants nearby.


A sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, materials and pictures of your country. Volunteers should beenthusiastic, patient, optimistic, creative and full of energy and ready to work with children with different levels of disability. Working experience with kids is an advantage.

REQUIREMENTS: Insurance: volunteers have to prepare their own insurance in advanced.

Extra fee: 7,500,000 VND/month to be paid on their arrivals in the hosting country.