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GHD-03 TURQUÍA ISTANBUL MANU,AGRI, 13/05/2019 01/06/2019

FARM WORKS-2 | GHD-03 | 2019-05-13 - 2019-06-01 | MANU,AGRI, | Age: 18 - 99

Nesin Foundation (https://www.nesinvakfi.org), (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkxXLleM3E0) was established by the well-known Turkish humourist author Aziz Nesin and the farm of Nesin Foundation was founded in order to provide healthy food for the kids living in the foundation. The farm is run according to the principles of permaculture.

Work: Manual farm work which may vary from day to day. Some examples : Taking care of farm animals, cleaning coops and barns, preparing homemade food for chickens, making different types of composts like cold/hot compost, bokashi as one of the major steps of permaculture is to create our own self-sufficient soil, establishing raised garden beds and filling them, making our own lactobacillus serums, general cleaning of farm area, finding or in some cases making new tools, and an endless cycle of collecting free resource as we need to utilize them in certain parts of the year. The work will be physcally hard from time to time. If the weather is too bad, indoor work will be offered. A good motivation is requested on the application form.

Accomodation and food: There is a volunteer house for 4 people with a shared toilet and kitchen. F: 3 meals a day will be available in return to your voluntary labor, including free days spent in the farm.

Location: ISTANBUL

Location and Leisure: - The fram is in the country side but not isolated. the nearest town center is 5 km away.

Train/Bus station: ATALCA

Requirements: Notes to know before deciding : - The staffs who speak English and French are not available in the evenings as they stay in another place near by. - Internet connection is very weak and not always available.- The farm staff who live in the farm can not speak any other language than Turkish, thus no linguaitic contact is possible after working hours in the evening.-You might be the only volunteer if there is no other application for the same term.- It is possible to join in the previous or following / camps and to stay longer.

Language: eng,fra

Extra Fee: .00 EUR