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VFP-MTV01-19 ESTADOS UNIDOS Hartford, Vermont Largo Plazo 12/03/2019 31/12/2019

VFP-MTV01-19 COMMUNITY REENTRY and SOCIAL JUSTICE, BURLINGTON, PERMANENT SOCI/MANU AGE 21+  4 Vols, Only 1 volunteer serves at a time,   Minimum 12 weeks; maximum 6 months  

Hartford Dismas House provides transitional housing and opportunities to men and women getting out of prison so that they can successfully transition back into the community  

WORK:  Volunteers will assist in a variety of tasks including but not limited to: administrative support in the office, helping with fundraising activities, supporting the residential community by helping with planning and participating in house activities and Residential Advisor duties (See below).  The type of work and number of hours varies but is usually 4 – 6 hours a day.  Volunteers live on site and participate in all house activities including evening meals and all outside activities.   

STUDY THEME: Criminal Justice  

ACCOMMODATION: Shared room in large Victorian house, meals & laundry provided.  

LOCATION: Hartford, Vermont. is a beautiful small town in Windsor County, population 10,000.  The small city is located right on the shore of the White River and Connecticut River. Group activities and sightseeing is offered. 

LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Recreation includes house activities and many festivals and events in area. Volunteers will participate in house outings including baseball games, hikes, camping, etc. Time off for travel may be approved. 
TERMINAL: White River Junction VT where they will be met by a Dismas House Staff Member. www.greyhound.com www.dartmouthcoach.com  SPECIAL 

REMARKS: Volunteers must be 21+, speak fluent English and have basic computer skills.  Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use permitted during the stay.  VFP Motivation Form and email interview required. VFP does not provide insurance for volunteers on this project! Dismas offers emergency and liability insurance only. Only one international volunteer serves at any time.  Volunteers must indicate the dates they are able to serve