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GREAT-STV1910 INDONESIA Solo, Central Java Mediano plazo 19/07/2019 31/08/2019


In cooperation with Difable Activist, Ms. Titik Isnani from Boyolali near Solo, Central Java, the project will create space of interaction & integration inclusively between difable children and their parents  with other children and people.  It is in term of daily life, basic education in Inclusive Pre school “Tersenyum”) that was established by Ms. Titik Isnani, her familly and her difable friends, as well as other social activities such as music, art, and social interaction with local neighborhood. 



  This is the first IVS project for PAUD Inklusi Tersenyum (Inclusive Pre School “Tersenyum)  who provides space of interaction, education and social integration for children with disabilities (difabilities) and non difable in Boyolali near Solo, the city of culture in Central Java. With the same spirit between GREAT and the difable community founded by Ms. Titik Isnani, the anyone can be the agent of change toward world peace in any aspect of humanity, GREAT local volunteers has been making school visits monthly and did one mini workcamp in 2018 to get to know and experience deeper the people and the issue try to be promoted by the local community.  The inclusivity for difable people and their families is still unpopular for many Indonesians especially in village area. Boyolali, even thou it is located next to Solo, an international cultural city, still has to raise awareness strongly in the local level on the difable rights of education, social interaction and integration. Stigma on the difable people to be non educated and useless need to be changed in the mind of people. Families who have difable children need to be encouraged to be strong and to keep their children at school. IVS, particularly international workcamp will bring international volunteers and national ones into the school and neighborhood with more interaction and isocial intergration activities that is expected to bring more diversity and solidarity to the humanity for these difables. 



To fights against the negative stigma toward difable people through social interaction and integration with activists and students of PAUD Inklusi Tersenyum (Inclusive Pre School “Tersenyum) along with local people in the neighborhood.  



 Volunteers will live in with local communities  Support Pre School with creating inclusive non formal educative activities  Join social activties and traditions in local level 


Accommodation & meal arrangement 

In local people’s house. Meals are mostly cook by the volunteers group themselves in turn. There will be daily life teams: cooking team, cleaning team, washing dishes team.  


Study Theme 

Local life. Difable issues in local context.  



 Strong motivation and interest in non formal learning.  Interested in difable rights issue.  Preference: experience in volenteering / working with difables. 


Location & Leisure 

Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia  https://goo.gl/bha96c //  

Meeting Point 

Solo Bus terminal “TIRTONADI” about 30 minutes from Solo Airport “ADI SUMARMO”, IATA Code SOC. On the starting date, at 12.00 (midday), Contact Incoming Staff incoming.stv@greatindonesia.org or whatsapp number +62-822-4363-1981 Ms. Ismi (emergency only) 



English with other volunteers. Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language with locals. 



Musuk Inclusive Camp / STV1910/ 19 June – 02 July 2019 IDR 3.700.000 for volunteers from country with GDP > 10.000  IDR 3.000.000 for  volunteers from country with GDP < 10.000  


Nearest Terminal 

 “ADI SUMARMO” Airport Solo, IATA Code SOC. ( 30 minutes from Solo Bus terminal “TIRTONADI” and 1 hour from “SOEKARNO HATTA” Jakarta International Airport).  



Weather can be up to 40 degree Celsius with 80% humidity. Less hygiene condition.