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GREAT-STV1909 INDONESIA Solo, Central Java Corto Plazo 11/08/2019 23/08/2019


Heritage ambassador. Volunteers are to become heritage ambasadors to spread the message of heritage conservation to local people through daily life interaction and through article writing.



Sangiran Museum is the only pre historic museum listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites in Indonesia.  Sangiran area is a nationally protected cultural site of human evolutions during Pleistocene. The last 3 years GREAT has been cooperating with Sangiran Conservation Office (SCO) to organize international workcamps targeting local youth/ students to promote role of youth in preserving world heritage by creating students club called the Young Guardian Club Sangiran. However, after a comprehensive evaluation, the SCO & GREAT found that the impact of existance of international volunteers in the area is more to the local people than to the students. This is because many students do not actually live in the pre-historic conservation area of Sangiran also students tend to move to other bigger cities once the graduate school.  While the need of socialisation and raising awareness of preserving finding of prehistoric fossils stays strong for the local society. From time to time SCO is doing raising awareness program for prevention against illegal trading of the fossils found by local people and for strengthen sense of belonging and preservation among local people and Indonesian public in general. This workcamp is expected to be a new method to achieve those aims.   



1. To raise awareness about  prevention against illegal trading of the fossils in Sangiran area and around. 2. To strengthen sense of belonging and preservation of pre-historic herotage among local people and Indonesian public. 



 Volunteers will learn about Sangiran comprehensively yet briefly both in room and in the field with SCO field experts.   Volunteers will live in with local communities’ in Sangoran museum area. During live in, volunteers will be distributed into small groups of 2 -3 persons to live with host families.  Volunteers will make writing/ visual captures of living in peace in doversty using their experiences living with local communities. 


Accommodation & meal arrangement 

1) In SCO accomodation in the museum study part and reflection part. 2) Living with Host families during live in part, meals are self cooking together with host families.  No bed. Need sleeping bag. Sharing bathroom.


Study Theme 

All about Sangiran ancient human preservation and conservation. Session about World Heritage with SCO experts.   



 Strong motivation and with social skill living with local host families.  Interested in heritage issues especially pre-historic  Familiar with article writing, short video making and social media 


Location & Leisure 

Suburb of Solo city. Beautiful nature in the village. https://goo.gl/maps/JkPPZrQ592p  


Meeting Point 

Arrival hall, Tirtonadi Bus Terminal Solo at 12.00 midday on the starting date. Reachable by any public bus in Solo as well as by airport bus in  Adi Sumarmo International Airport Solo.   Contact Incoming Staff incoming.stv@greatindonesia.org or whatsapp number +6282243631981 Ms. Ismi (emergency only) 



English with other volunteers. Bahasa Indonesia and Javanese language with locals. 



Heritage Soci Camp - Sangiran / STV1909/ 11– 23 August 2019 IDR 3.700.000 for volunteers from country with GDP > 10.000  IDR 3.000.000 for  volunteers from country with GDP < 10.000  



Nearest Terminal 

 Adi Sumarmo International Airport Solo, IATA Code SOC.  Solo Balapan Train Station or Tirtonadi Bus Terminal Solo. 



Weather can be up to 40 degree Celsius with 80% humidity. Less hygiene condition.