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SDA 305 REPÚBLICA CHECA Nymburk and the village of Jizbice KIDS/DISA 13/08/2020 25/08/2020

SDA 305Centre for All

13/08 –25/08/2020


Vols  6+ 2team leaders

Age 18+                     

ML, med. form

Project:This workcamp takes place in the town of Nymburk and in a small village of Jizbice (Central Bohemia region) in cooperation with the local NGO Centre for All. Centre for All celebratesthis year 15 years of organizing free time activities and summer camps for children and youth with and without disabilities. The activities take place in a reconstructed barn with a pretty garden in Jizbice and in the centre of the organization in Nymburk. The aim of the workcamp is to help Centre for All to prepare and run a children summer camp for children (6-12y/o) with or without disability. 

In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Reduced Inequalities (UN SDG10).

Work:You will do both manual tasks and work with children. 1st week: getting the campsite and the barn ready for the arrival of the children (moving furniture, cleaning, decorating and preparing material, games and activities). 2nd week: you will work with children with or without mental and/or physical disabilities who spend their vacation at the camp in Jizbice (personal assistance to children, organization of activities, going on walks, helping in the kitchen, washing dishes cleaning etc.). During the children camp, you will work longer hours but you can enjoy more free time before or after the camp. Throughout the workcamp, you will cooperate with Czech assistants –every child will be taken care of by 1 Czech and 1 international volunteer. Bring games and ideas for activities. This year’s theme is Games without Borders.

Study part:During the first week, you will get a lecture on autism and a workshop on methods how to work with disabled children and youth. Some materials will be already provided to all participants before the workcamp. Please be ready to read them in advance! There will be some teambuilding activities together with the Czech assistants. You will have the chance to learn some basic Czech phrases –it will be helpful during the children’s camp. You will also learn about the famous Czech author Bohumil Hrabal who was born in Nymburk –you can visit his birth house or see films based on his novels.

Leisure time:Tour around the spa town of Podebrady, trip to Prague, excursion to a local brewery and to the surrounding countryside can be planned. We will also organize an intercultural day/evening in Nymburk together with Czech volunteers.

Accommodation/Food:In Jizbice: in big tents in the garden. Please bring a sleeping bag and a torch. There is a bathroom with toilets and showers at the campsite. You will have meals together with the children and organizers. In Nymburk: in an international scouts’ centre –in rooms on mattresses in own sleeping bags. There are 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room and a big garden. During the 1stweek you will prepare your own meals as a group, during the 2ndweek all meals will be provided by the local partner.

Location:Nymburk and the village of Jizbice (8 kilometres from the town of Nymburk). The campsite in Jizbice is located in a garden with a big barn. There is a playground, forests and an outdoor swimming pool.

Address:Kolinska 282, 288 02 Nymburk

Meeting point:Nymburk. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon. Please note it takes at least 1 hour to get there from Prague. The exact info will be provided in the infosheet.

Requirements:A short motivation letter sent with the application form is strictly required. We are especially looking for outgoing and creative volunteers with good communication skills who enjoy working with children. We will also ask you to cooperate before the workcamp and read the materials that will be sent to you. All the volunteers have to bring a doctor-approved certificate stating that they arefit to work with children. The form will be sent to you after acceptation. Smoking and drinking alcohol is forbidden while working with children. 

Note:You can see photos from the previous workcamp here: https://www.inexsda.cz/media/centre-for-all-2019/