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NICE-19-04273 MONGOLIA Buhug ENVI 27/04/2019 10/05/2019

G. Mongolia | NICE-19-04273 | 2019-04-27 - 2019-05-10 | ENVI | Age: 18 - 99



This workcamp has been organized together with MCE (Mongolian workCamps Exchange) since 2002. Before 1990, the forests were covered with 10% of land, but 7% today, caused by cutting trees without any controls and forest fire. There are increasing activities by some organizations to plant trees but it takes a long time here to grow trees and the current and water level of river has been decreased. So, we should also join this movement and summer workcamps of MCE keep watering, so the forests have been grown quite well. As this project originally started with targeting Japanese people who has series of the national holidays in 04/28-04/30 and 05/03-06, be ready to have many Japanese joining partly!


We will plant trees in MCE orphanage project site by digging holes, planting trees and watering the plants. May is the best and only season to plant trees in Mongolia. We may also visit the orphanage, World Tanabata Action, plant vegetables in the orphanage farm, etc. depending on the situation.


GER (Mongolian traditional tent) and Youth hostel. Very warm sleeping bag is needed! Meals will be cooked by volunteers by turns. Sleeping bag is necessary. 

Study theme

The future plan of international workcamps in Mongolia and Greening Asia. Bring some info.!

Other activities

Cultural exchange program, excursions, etc.


Buhug river, located 45km far from Ulaanbaatar. The temperature will be about 10-20 C, but be careful sometimes weather will be changed lot. Sunny, sometimes rainy and windy.


Ulaanbaatar (MCE will kindly pick volunteers up at the airport! You need to arrive by the end of Apr. 27th and can leave there after noon on May 10th.


To like planting work and simple nomadic life. Mongolian speakers are welcome! 

Participation fee

185 EUR to be paid on your arrivals. 6/10 days participants should pay 145/165 USD.


English (Mongolian is also welcomed!)


Application for international volunteers should be sent to MCE!! For more info. and applications, please contact with MCE: mce-mn@magicnet.mn
6/10 days participation is possible only in 04/27-05/02, 05/01-05/06 and 04/27-05/06. Please write this period on the application form if you want to join only for 6/10 days.