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NICE-LI-DA19-09 SRI LANKA Located at 208Km from Colombo and during the journey transfer 2 times at Kandy and Mahiyanganaya. Nearest town called Mahiyanganaya. Volunteers are go EDU 18/09/2019 25/11/2019

Damb 19-09 | NICE-LI-DA19-09 | 2019-09-18 - 2019-11-25 | EDU | Age: 20 - 99


Host Organization called Livestock and Agrarian Service Development Society (LSDS), established 1992 and working for develop agriculture and community economy. It’s working on regional basis and with local community. They are implementing activities such as awareness rising, training on agricultural, youth development etc.

Work: a. Teaching English to local youths using informal way, rather than a following a book, while speaking and doing games etc. or following your own agenda on teaching. b. Making a monthly activity plan c. Assist office work of the host organization to do in English

Accomodation and food: Village house

Location: Located at 208Km from Colombo and during the journey transfer 2 times at Kandy and Mahiyanganaya. Nearest town called Mahiyanganaya. Volunteers are going to stay at 53 mile post, 19km from the nearest city, Mahiyanganaya, commonly known as DAMBANA, home of indigenous / bushman in Sri Lanka. Local community mix with the indigenous people and new generation is rising up. Climate is dry but during the project period could experiencing cool weather. Project site is located closed to Mahiyanaganaya – Ampara main road. February to September is a dry season and in October, with monsoon rain farmers starting their cultivation. Most of the farmers are practicing traditional farming method call “Chana” farming. This dry and less developed town, depending on Mahaweli River water which was diverted to Mahiyangana, to enable farmers to do their cultivation which is a main source of income to the community.

Location and Leisure:

Train/Bus station:

Requirements: A). Above 20 years of age, B) working ability with minimum supervision C), Fluency in English, speaking, reading and writing D), Good health condition E) Ability to adopt and respect local conditions, environment and culture, F) Strictly no alcohol, no smoking and no drugs during the period of volunteer program. Participation fee: 620US$ that will cover; * Meals and accommodations from September 18 dinner to November 25 Breakfast * Transportation between Colombo and Dambana and return way to Kandy from project site * Travelling to project sites and return to resident * Personal expenditures, free day expenses, cost of air port picking and arrival night stay at guest are not included

Language: eng

Extra Fee: 620 USD

A). To teach English language to the local youths, children and adults at the surrounding villages B). Assisting local organisationa’s office work and share volunteer’s English knowledge with office staff C). Reinforce children and youth groups You have to work five days per week. At least one week end day (Saturday or Sunday) you have to work.