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EC-CHI 11.2 ECUADOR Quito Construction / Environment / Manual 01/08/2019 18/08/2019

Natural Reserve Chiriboga 2

This project is part of the SCI North South Programmes. Volunteers should be 20 years old, have previous volunteering experience and take part in the Preparation Workshops organised by their sending branch. More details from your sending branch.

Camp code:

EC-CHI 11.2



Start Date:

01 Aug 2019

End Date:

18 Aug 2019


11: Climate and sustainable lifestyle

Work Types:

Construction / Environment / Manual

Number of volunteers:


International age:

20 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:

330.00 US Dollar

Required Language:


Spoken Language:

English, Spanish

Description: The Chiriboga Foundation has supported several families that suffered the total or partial destruction of their homes due to the earthquakes of 2016 in the Ecuadorian Coast. The first part of the project takes place in the Province of Esmeraldas where the houses of two families are being rebuild. For the second part of the project, you will experience life in the forest, in a private reserve of cloud forest in the Ecuadorian Andes. The Foundation protects a reserve where we make reforestation work and protection of an endangered flora and fauna. A wonderful variety of birds and mammals lives there in freedom. 

Type of Work: In Esmeraldas: helping building the houses with the family members. In Chiriboga : organic agriculture: cleaning and care of trees, fruit trees. Construction of an orchard. Waste management. Soil restoration. Protection of water sources by planting native species around riverbeds and streams. Recycling of material: use of materials such as tires, pallets and old wood to build furniture for the use of volunteers.

Study Theme: Forest conservation and its impact on water protection, through non-formal education and field experience.

Accommodation: First part : in the house where the families are living while theirs are being rebuild Second part : 'houses' of the foundation in Quito and in the reserve. 

Language: Basic spanish, english

Requirements: The work in the reserve includes working with tools such as shovels and machetes, being in contact with the ground, plants that means being ready to get dirty. And accept manual works that are presented as urgent at the moment.

Approximate Location: Quito, Esmeraldas Province, Chiriboga

Organization Description: Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga is a non- governmental and no profit organization, working without any political, religious or racial discrimination, legally constituted by Ministerial Agreement N° 47 of the Environment Ministry of Ecuador –South America The Foundation has managed for more of a decade teaching, social care and environmental projects. Its main objective are: the protection and conservation of the environment, the promotion of the development of the community whose activities are related with the environmental scope and local economy development.