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ijgd 28315 ALEMANIA Kerpen-Manheim ENVI 14/08/2018 28/08/2018

Together for our future - camp for [future] - Kerpen-Manheim | ijgd 28315 | 2018-08-14 - 2018-08-28 | ENVI | Age: 16 - 26

Work: Even though the 1.5 degree aim is a set thing since the climate conference in Paris took place, the climate change is progressing much too fast. The Rhenish lignite mining region, Europes biggest source of CO2, contributes considerably. We still have a chance to reduce the impact for the current and the following generation, but without pressure, this will not happen. That’s what we need you for! There will be several camps this year, where thousands of people take a stand for climate protection. The camp for [future] is one of these camps, where young people, who want to stand up for the climate and a sustainable future for the planet, can take action. The camp offers a number of opportunities to educate yourself about climate protection, global justice, education and other future issues and to build a network with other likeminded young people. With colorful protest, loud demonstrations, convincing arguments and good vibes, we want to stand up for climate protection and a sustainable planet. This work and study camp, which will take place close by the lignite mine, you will first help to build up the camp. Compost toilets, solar showers and the rest of the camp infrastructure have to be put up. During the camp for [future] from the 17th to the 26th of August, with round about 400 participants, you will deal with reasons for and the impact of climate change and lignite mining. You will meet people, who have lost everything because of the mine, but you will also be involved in exciting project and learn about alternatives. During the time of the camp, you have for example the chance to try out a sustainable way of living by following a vegan diet. For additional information about the camp for [future], please check www.campforfuture.de. After the camp, we need your help to unbuild the tents, compost toilets and solar showers.

Accomodation and food: The catering will be vegan! The catering of the camp will be prepared by a cooking collective – all the participants of the camp are expected to take part in. You will sleep in sleeping bags in tents.

Location: Kerpen-Manheim

Location and Leisure: Camp for [future] has lot to offer: a diverse education program about climate, economy, migration, education and other future issues. You can take part in protests and a cultural program or be active in workshops, listen to talks and be part of other activities of the camp. Of course you can also make a trip to the nearby cities of Cologne and Aachen.

Train/Bus station: Kerpen-Buir


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

You should be interested in environmental topics and climate protection issues. The camp will be very basic (for example: not always warm water for showers), a lot of people, camping. You have to have good English language skills for the workshops.