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ijgd 28308 ALEMANIA Forchheim ENVI 10/09/2018 28/09/2018

Nature Conservation in Franconian Switzerland – Forchheim | ijgd 28308 | 2018-09-10 - 2018-09-28 | ENVI | Age: 16 - 26

Work: In this work camp you will mainly help with forestry work related to nature conservation. Together with the local forester you will replant young silver firs and maintain different biotopes in the area around Forchheim. To conserve different types of animals, for example newts and bats, you will work in a wetland biotope and an old quarry. The perfect camp for nature lovers! Another highlight will be your accommodation: On the Schleuseninsel (an island) in the middle of the Regnitz and the Rhein-Main-Donau canal, you will put up your tents on the camp site of Forchheim. Surrounded by nature, this is the perfect place to plan your free time activities.

Accomodation and food: You will cook together. You will stay in large tents and sleep on camping beds on the camp site in Forchheim.

Location: Forchheim

Location and Leisure: There are several free time activities in Forchheim. A swimming pool and other sport facilities, like tennis courts, beach volleyball court and bowling alley are just the start. The Pfalzmuseum with its big collection can give you a wonderful insight into local history. Froconian Switzerland, right just outside Forchheim, is an amazing landscape which you can explore by paddle boats. Bigger cities in the area offer shopping possibilities and lifestyle: for example Nuernberg and Bamberg with its World Heritage site. Even Munich is only a 2 hour train ride away.

Train/Bus station: Forchheim (Oberfr)


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