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ijgd 28320 ALEMANIA Happurg CONS,RENO 15/07/2018 29/07/2018

Saucepan or Melting pot? - The Nuernberger Land as intercultural.... Happurg | ijgd 28320 | 2018-07-15 - 2018-07-29 | CONS,RENO | Age: 16 - 17



Work: In Hersbruck you have the opportunity to work in many different projects. You can make bring your craftsmanship skills to use, be creative and work with wood. Interculturality and the encounters with young people from the Nuernberger Land are the focus of this workcamp. The following projects are planned: - Fancy Pizza? The clay oven has to be redesigned and build up: Cooking together is an integral part of deepening cultural understanding. The highlight of the project: You can put the new clay oven to the test right away and bake delicious pizza. Whats better than that? - Let the painter in you come out! The youth house needs a new layer of wood paint: Restore, renew and beautify! Designing together! - We are working towards inclusion! Together you improve the participation options for people with physical impairments, so they can move freely and safely around the Edelweißhütte. The idea: building a “roll way” This is a pioneering project, which has never been seen before! - Amphitheater: Yes, we can! A place to sit, rest, discuss and also make in big appearance from time to time... a big project for many cooperative hands!

Accomodation and food: You will stay in shared rooms in the learning and experience room “Edelweißhütte”. You will cook together.

Location: Happurg

Location and Leisure: Hersbruck is not far from Nuernberg and has two train stops (Hersbruck (l Pegnitz) und Hersbruck (r Pegnitz)). You can head to Nuernberg from both stops. Apart from this you have a range of free time activity opportunities on the premise of the Edelweißhütte: Soccer, table tennis, table soccer and an adventure play park are right there. On top of this, there is a lake close by (Happurger Stausee) and many hiking paths which invite you to go for lovely hikes in the area. There will also be a summer festival in Hersbruck on the second and third weekend in July. This is a great opportunity to meet people and get to know each other! A little bit about the history of Hersbruck: The second biggest camp of concentration camp Flossenbürg was up in Hersbruck from July 1944 to April 1945. 9000 prisoners from all over Europewere held captive here. They had to build a underground cleats for an armament factory in the neighboring village of Happurg. The documentation place Hersbruck/Happurg commemorates the camp with two installations: One is put up at the former camp of the concentration camp prisoners in Hersbruck, the other at their former place of labor in Happurg. Every first Sunday of the months at 2pm, the Concentration Camp Memorial Flossenbürg offers guided tours, free of charge. We will also offer a trip there, if you are up for a historical trip with your group.

Train/Bus station: Hersbruck (r Pegnitz)


Language: eng

Extra Fee: 0

Teenage Camp, age 16 to 17