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EST 43 ESTONIA Voru, Võru County, Estonia AGRI 20/06/2018 03/07/2018

Code: EST 43


Location: VORU

Dates: 20.06 - 03.07

Type: AGRI


For years EstYES has been cooperating with farms all over Estonia for solidarity, respect and practical support to local people who work in agricultural sector keeping traditional life style and developing new eco-farming despite of all
difficulties. Alt-Lauri Farm is one of such projects. This is an organic farm promoting sustainable lifestyle, and this camp is proposed for volunteers who appreciate and share its values, want to learn more about it and to help hard working people. Alt-Lauri Farm located in the Voru County in the South of Estonia. The farm is one of a few organic farms in this area. The two major crops grown are buckwheat and different cabbages; others include different salads, strawberries, kale, lettuce, kohlrabi and turnip.

The main task for volunteers will be to weed and harvest (by hand) vegetables and lettuce and picking berries. Additionally to harvesting task, volunteers will clean the vegetables and make them ready for consumers in different organic shops around the country. Volunteers have to be motivated to work outdoors doing sometimes quite physical work under changing weather conditions. Note that volunteers will work all working days and on Saturday mornings as the camp takes place on the peak of the harvesting season. Then volunteers have 1,5 day for rest and sightseeing.

In the farmhouse in the room and/or in the attic under the roof sleeping on beds or mattresses. Dry organic toilet, shower, sauna are available. Please bring your sleeping bag and pillow. Volunteers will share the duties of cooking meals and cleaning. During this work camp volunteers will be eating mainly local, organic food from the farm. Do not forget to bring some traditional/ typical food from your home country for the international evening. 

The charm of Haanja Uplands in South Estonia lies in its lovely hilly landscape, winding roads and numerous lakes. Most of its ancient villages, special dialect, handicraft, and customs have been preserved until today. The whole area,
called Vorumaa, is an area of outstanding beauty. It is famous for its diverse and very well preserved nature. Untouched forests with wildlife, deep valleys, hills, 170 small lakes with extremely clean water, winding rivers with caves in the steep banks- you can find everything here! Farm is situated 16km south of Voru, capital of the County, which has a population of 14 000 people and lies about 250km south-east of Tallinn, close to the Latvian and Russian borders. More info about Estonia www.visitestonia.com, South-Estonia www.werro.com , www.southestonia.info

Airport, harbour, bus or train station in Tallinn; regular bus to Voru, pick up by camp host.

Special requirements
The camp is open for young people who is interested in organic farming and is ready to get real experience of it. Please be prepared to simple conditions of Estonian country side. Volunteers have to be motivated to work outdoors doing sometimes quite physical work under changing weather conditions. English is the camp language.

Leisure time
The camp takes place in the area of outstanding beauty. There are many possibilities for leisure time, especially for those who love nature: acquaintance with nature of the area, hiking, swimming, etc. There will be a chance to
participate in farmers’ fairs. Excursions to the historical places of the County of Voru are planned as well. Some free time activities will be organized for participants such as a day trip and excursions in the area. Participants of the first
shift of the camp (EST 43) will have a privilege to take part in Mid-summer festivities at the night 23/ 24.06. This is the largest and most spectacular summer celebration in Estonia with barbeque, beers, socializing, bonfires, music and
vivid parties everywhere.

Participation fee
Due to lack of communal resources for this camp we ask participants to contribute 30 Euro towards the costs of general administration. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for solution.