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CJM3 MARRUECOS Oujda, Morocco ENVI/SOCI 18/07/2018 01/08/2018

Code: CJM3

Name: Oujda

Dates: 18/7/-01/8/2018


Oujda it’s an important city on the north east of Morocco , some 15 km from the Algerian border and 50 km from mediterrnean coast.
"Chantiers jeunesse Maroc" is organizing a workcamp with the collaboration of the city council of Oujda. Nature of the project: The project consists of cleaning, painting and planting trees in Jorf Al Akhdar Youth center.
The duration of work will be 5 hours /a day.
Meals: Meals will be prepared by volunteers.

Leisure activities
Volunteers will have to setup their own programme of leisure activities. There are some hints to help you setup this programme.
Oujda is in the north east of Morocco at 50 km from Mediterranean coast; Saadia beaches , well know throughout Morocco
You will also have to bring with you working clothes, a sleeping bag, and anything which could contribute to the good progress of the workcamp (game sets, musical instruments, cooking recipe, etc….).

Address of lodging: the volunteers will be lodged in the Jorf Al Akhdar center it self.

In case of emergency contact CJM office phone: call CJM delegate in Oujda Azeddine, GSM:0662675069.

CJM fee 45 euros to be paid by volunteer on arrival.

Travel instructions

How to get there...

If you came by plane: From Oujda Angad airport take a taxi to the address of lodging.
Or from Fès Saiss airport: take a taxi to Fès train station , see the train timetable Fès/Oujda as follow.
By coach: from Bab Boujloud coaches station , there is one coach every 3 hours.
Fès train station – Oujda train station
Fès train station-departure 10.55 15.25 1.10 2.50
Oujda train station - arrival 16.35 21.00 7.00 8.10