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PZ 10 RUSIA IRKUTSK ENVI,CONS, 13/08/2018 26/08/2018

BAIKALiGREAT TEA CARAVAN ROAD | PZ 10 | 2018-08-13 - 2018-08-26 | ENVI,CONS, | Age: 18 - 50


This is a peace-making camp organized by volunteering movement Baikal project in the mountains of the greatest sweet-water lake of the world. The project runs since 2002 as organised by professional volunteers for volunteers. The aim of the camps 2018 is to create a bicycle path along the former ancient Tea Caravan Road from China to Europe. It will be the first bicycle path in the Khamar-Daban area of South-West of the Baikal lake and the first bike path in Baikal mountains. The project is implemented in partnership with the local municipality and Rescue service of Russian Federation.The camp stays on values of peacemaking with means of non-formal education and volunteering. The camp programme includes a strong educational part, such as non-formal discussions and reflections about the following topics Human vs Nature: Attitude of Ownership , Great dream and life mission , Positive thinking , Challenge and victory , I am a peacemaker , Resolution of conflicts etc.Project website: https://baikalproject.com

Work: The camp is divided into 2 parts: working part and adventure part. During the first 5 days the working mission has to be completed. The work will be physically demanding and intensive, most probably the working time will exceed limits of 6 hours per day. The intensive work will be compensated with 5 days of an adventurous hiking trip into the Baikal mountains. The work and the hiking trip is based on the ideas of mutual help, solidarity and friendship. It will by physically challenging, but rewarding, since this part of Baikal lake and it surroundings keeps untouched nature, ancient trees and cleanest lakes. The working and hiking parts are carefully planned by professionals. Experienced instructors will guide and coordinate the international group.

Accomodation and food: Volunteers will get good sleeping bags, a place in a 3-people-tent and a headlight. Everyone will have certain duties during the project. The campers will cook for themselves. Since the project is self-financed without financial support of the state, the meals and the organizational costs have to be covered by volunteers, Russians equally with international. Vegetarian meals are possible

Location: IRKUTSK

Location and Leisure: South-West of Baikal lake, Sliudyanka region, Khamar-Daban area.Leisure: 5 days of hiking trip within the project days. The trip to Irkutsk city will be offered after the camp days.

Train/Bus station: Irkutsk

Requirements: Participants have to be able to carry 15 kg backpacks for the distance of 15 km. Motivation letter is needed. Since the project is adventurous and physically intensive, the project organisers will interview all candidates. Please take with you a backpack of 60 liter (for girls) and of 80 liter (for guys). It is possible to rent an appropriate backpack.

Language: eng,rus

Extra Fee: 115.00 EUR

For those who will arrive in Moscow firstly, we can organise a pre-camp day with a city-tour and nice welcome evening. Please, notify us in advance if you are interested.