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CBB04 BÉLGICA Vergnies Disa 15/07/2018 24/07/2018

CBB04 | Together on Holiday 1 | Vergnies | 15-24/07 | Disa | Age: 18 - 99

The project

The aim of this camp is to offer to people with light mental disability the possibility to go on holidays with young international volunteers. During the workcamp, they share leisure time activities, make cultural visits and, above all, have fun. Thanks to this stay, people with learning disabilities can leave their parents, their daily life, and spend time with other adults of their age. They wouldn't be able to go on holiday alone. Volunteers and the CBB staff will accompany them in their leisure time and help them with their daily tasks. There will be 13 people with learning disabilities, 8 volunteers and one group leader. The disabled people are between 18 and 50 year old.



The two 1st days will be dedicated to prepare the activities and the schedule of the project (the people with learning disabilities will arrive the 17th of July). From the 17th, volunteers, CBB staff and disabled people will spend together 24 hours a day. The CBB staff and the volunteers will in charge to organise the leisure time (excursions, walks, games, parties, etc.), daily life and the meals. During the project, each volunteer will be responsible to care and facilitate an active participation of one or two person with learning disabilities.

If at the beginning you are wondering what’s going on, after 2 days you will be amazed by the jarring atmosphere. While respecting the rhythm of each one, we are all there to enjoy ourselves!


Food and accommodation

We will share a cottage. We will have several dormitories and all the modern facilities, but you will need to bring your sleeping bag. Meals will depend on your cookery talents (self-catering).






The village of Vergnies is located in rural area in a well preserved zone in the south part of Belgium. The biggest complex of artificial lakes of the country is located at only 10km.

Charleroi is located at 50 kms.

Be aware that the village is quite isolated.


Meeting point

The 15th of July at the Walcourt train station at 5.00pm.


Camp Language

The camp language is French.


Specific information

This project request volunteers with a high level of motivation for the theme of inclusion. The volunteers must have a basic knowledge of French. A previous experience in group’s animation or in work with people in situation of mental disability is welcome.

In order to demonstrate their motivation and French knowledges, we ask the candidate volunteers:

Þ   to send us a short motivation letter in French (do not be afraid to make mistakes, BUT please do not use any automatic translator!)

Þ   to answer our specific questionnaire (if you do not have it yet, please ask it to your sending organization).


We will not confirm any placement request before the analysis of the documents.