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SODVO-2 RUSIA CHEBOKSARY KIDS, 31/03/2018 31/01/2019

EDUCATIONAL PROJECT FOR KIDS | SODVO-2 | 2018-03-31 - 2019-01-31 | KIDS, | Age: 18 - 99

The aim of the project is to contribute into the education and development of the local children center organizing for them educational activities, teaching them basic things about life as well as widening their outlook by teaching them things about other cultures, languages, countries. The teaching is done in non-formal way such as games, role-plays, sports, outdoor activities. The volunteer will also help the kids with their studies at school when they can not cope with them by themselves.Moreover the volunteer will organize weekly discussion clubs for teenagers and students.

Work: The volunteer will work 3-4 hours per day: working in the children center with kids, in the discussion clubs and preparing activities. The work will be done 5 days per week. The work is done both independently and in a team. The volunteer will also participate in the other activities of Youth Voluntary center Sodrujestvo , such as workcamps, ecological campaigns, seminars, presentations. The volunteer will also participate in the weekly meetings of the volunteers of Youth Voluntary center Sodrujestvo .

Accomodation and food: accomodation is provided in a rented flat which is located in the center of the city. money for food (100 euros per month) is provided from by the local host.


Location and Leisure: Cheboksary is a small city but it s very beautiful. It is located on the right bank of the river Volga. The city is very green, we have a lot of parks and forests where you can have a walk and ride a bike. There are museums and bars, gyms and other facilities.

Train/Bus station: Cheboksary train station

Requirements: visa to Russia is needed, the volunteer will have to do it using the invitation letter from our organization. The invitation is issued by the immigration center and the process takes 1 month. So the volunteer should apply for the project 2 month before the desirable starting date. We also require the certificate of no criminal letter.

Language: eng,rus

Extra Fee: 15.00 EUR

We require extra fee from the participants for issuing the invitation letter. Participants can stay from 3 to 10 months as they wish