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INTERCULTURAL | SMILE IWC535 | 2018-12-15 - 2018-12-28 | ENVI,SOCI,KIDS,EDU ,CULT,AGRI,ART ,LANG, | Age: 15 - 65


Do you like to help SMILE NGO to bring a smile to the most neglected children living in kolkata ,India.This project is all about bringing smile to all underprivileged refugee kids.Providing informal basic education like english teaching ,hygiene,basics,playing, organising entertainment program ,food distribution for these children of this downtrodden community would be the main target of the volunteers in this project.

Work: In this camp volunteers from round the world would have chance to exchange culture,language,food etc. Local cooking lesson, local language class. It would be fun fill entertainment camp where Indian family and international youth can have a platform to each other culture and life style. Camp would take place in the suburb call Madhyamgram which is just 8 km from Kolkata Airport .Transportation, electricity,shopping places are all around.Nearest rail and bus station is with in 2 km .Life is very simple and peaceful around.

Accomodation and food: Dormitory basis in host family building as per available on arrival ( on cot with mattress/on floor with mattress, 2-30 volunteers in one room) shared accommodation (normally male and female separate room). You will get accommodation till 6 pm on the last day of your camp.We are unable to provide you any accommodation before or after these dates. Please arrange your own accommodation in case of early arrival or late departure .You are requested to meet our representative at the meeting place on exact time given above. If you arrive early then you can have your stay in any of the different hotels available nearby Airport, within 2 -3 km . Food: You will get 3 times local food from host family as per available on arrival. Please do not expect any kind of special dishes (veg/non veg) or cold drinks or special living room or air conditioned room during your term. You are requested to get ready for a simple and challenging life.

Location: KOLKATA

Location and Leisure: Kolkata ,the city of joy was known before as Calcutta since the colonial time. This ancient city was used to be the capital of British colonial period. This city has full of heart ,people are basically belongs to the middle class . There are also rich and poor people all around . City Kolkata is know for its busy traffic ,huge population ,warm welcome and poverty around the street corners It is a great place to visit for every tourist coming to India. More over if anyone get a chance to live with the local host family then that brings extra bonus to any traveller .It helps to learn the culture ,tradition,language while staying within the normal people of the society.Living on any hotel can never give any traveller such wide scope to know the society and communities as a whole.

Train/Bus station: Ccu

Requirements: Requirements: Passport copy VISA copy Photograph( recent colour copy) Parents permission letter if you are below 18 years. Living cost as per duration applied.. Volunteers should not have any criminal record.

Language: eng,eng

Extra Fee: 12500.00 INR