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This is a boarding school with 525 pupils aging from 2-18 years old at the heart of a small community about an hour’s drive north of Mara Plains Camp in a stunningly beautiful area. The school was built in part by the OlareOrok Conservancy Trust, and aspires to become a school of excellence. The
school itself is very basic and there is much potential to develop the facilities further. Thanks to the Headmaster, there is noticeable pride in the school by both the community and the children. The school has five classrooms and a pre-school unit.

Teaching English language, computer skills, creative arts, participating in culture events, raise environmental awareness, planting of trees and transfer of seedlings, sports and games, theatre, computer lessons, basic education, workshops, Music and intercultural events, construction sites, making bricks, construction of classrooms and painting.
Volunteers will support the teachers and share culture and other activities in the classrooms in the morning. There will also be opportunity for sports and play with the children. In the afternoon volunteers will work with, Teaching English, Assisting teaching in daily classes, Providing general care and assistance in looking after the children, this will involve playing games, teaching English as basic life skills. Environmental conservation- In this program, we promote and conserve our natural environment habitat of the beautiful wild animals, birds, insects just to mention but a few by participating in environmental activities including tree planting, constructing gabions to curb soil erosion among others within Masai Mara. Wildlife conservation- offer volunteer placements in an effort to promote conservation education, awareness and imparting skills to local and international volunteers. Those who join the placement include students and adults who seek a break away from their jobs in pursuit of a change.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to participate in outreach programs including;
• Sporting
• Youth mentorship programs
• Repairs and renovation
• Donating education materials e.g. books, pens etc.
• Home visits and nature walk
Day 1: Arrival and pick upfrom the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi, Kenya and transfer to host family home or hostel.
Day 2: Morning: registration and start of orientation. About 4 hours lecture at the home of your
host. Topics covered during orientation lecture will include East African culture, history, customs, politics, geography, and necessary health precautions, and various other topics, such as the diversity
 of Kenyan life. Afternoon is free for exploring rural Kenyan life and getting to know your host family.

Leisure Activities:Masai Mara national Game réserve cultural exchange, excursions. The visits are done during the weekends. Volunteers can as well visit a local market, attend church, play soccer and participate in other community activities
Duration of the project: The program will run for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. The program is running throughout the year.
Orientation: Orientation meeting will take place in Nairobi before proceeding to the project.
Accommodation: At a host family or at school. There will be electricity, but no shower and pipe water/taps at the accommodation.
Location:Masai National game reserve, Narok County
Age range: 18 and over
Participation fee: 600 for 3 months according intelligent answer