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VIVE17.08 Art Therapy for Children Full

The Project

Cancer patients suffer not only physical discomfort, but also various psychological alters: depression and anxiety. In Mexico, cancer is the second leading cause of death, it is estimated that each year 7,000 new cancer cases occur in women under 20 years. Plastic art and music therapy can help cancer patients, this will help to have a better quality of life, to cope with their disease and get a better life. Volunteers will develop art therapy workshops helped by music and visual art, through various art techniques that brings benefits such as reflection, expression and relaxation. This activity is a process of self-expression, which helps patients to organize their internal reaction product of the events happening in their lives. These art therapy workshops, developed by volunteers and artists who work on a voluntary basis, will be an outlet to channel and express the point of view from patients without pressure, just being guided by artistic techniques. It is important that volunteers notice that we do not necessarily work with psychologists, since these therapies are occupational made by artists. No courses are given to volunteers by  any psychologist or psychiatrist.  


The activities are driven to benefit both patients and volunteers:


1. To conduct art therapy workshops in an organization who assists children with cancer disease; led by volunteers and professional artists on a voluntary basis for children and teenagers with cancer aged under 20 years old, where the subject is music.

2.  To create plastic works of sculpture and collage, inspired by specific musical pieces.

3.To raise public awareness through the pieces of art produced by children and tenagers with cancer.

4. To raise awareness through activities that involve the visual arts, so that volunteers contribute and help these fragile groups.

5. To ensure that volunteers and artists will contribute with their knowledge, time and effort to this vulnerable group.

By participating in this project, you will acquire the global skills of Adaptability, Global Awareness, Strategic Thinking and Collaborative Planning, after the participation in the project volunteers will receive an official letter certifying these skills.



Lodging Type: Hostel

In a youth hostel, shared rooms, WIFI, hot water and all facilities.


Population: 1 millón Inhabitants
Weather: Temperate rain

Closest Bus Station:

Bus Terminal in Morelia

Closest Airport:

CLOSEST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Mexico City International Airport


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Leisure Activities

In their spare time, volunteers can take a walk in downtown which has many cultural activities throughout the year, and discover the variety of historic buildings and monuments, for those looking to surround themselves by natural wonders, Morelia offers many options: 45 kilometers from Patzcuaro´s lake and the ancient pyramids of Tzintzuntzan, the magical towns of Cuitzeo, Patzcuaro, Santa Clara del Cobre, the islands of the Pancada, Janitzio among others that the native cultures identified as the border between worlds, and several ceremonial centers of the Mesoamerican pre-Hispanic times.


Special Requirements:None
Available Vegetarian Food:Yes
Available for family: No
Available for volunteers with disabilities: No

EXTRA FEE: 190 Euros, includes accommodation in shared room, 3 meals per day, local transportation with project purposes, materials, tools, administrative expenses and organization.



Extra Fee

The Inscription fee for this project is: € 190

INCLUDES (only during the project days)

  • Hosting (according to the conditions specified at the project description)
  • 3 meals a day (average 300gr each)
  • Local transportation with project purposes
  • Administration and organization
  • Tools and materials


  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Transportation from international airport to the project place
  • Leisure activities
  • Insurances