Vive México

Organización para la Educación Global y la Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo

icon Volunteering in Mexico

Vive Mexico is a non profit-making, non-governmental organization that has been organizing International Voluntary Service Projects since the year 1996.

Vive Mexico was officially established in March 1997 as a non-profit, non-governmental organization recognized by the Mexican laws and authorities as a volunteer’s organization.

Founded in 1994 and legally constituted in 1997, Vive Mexico was born as an initiative of students from the Economics Faculty at the Michoacan University. It is the first organization legally constituted in Mexico and had became the biggest organization in Latin America dedicated to promote international co-operation and the development of the International Voluntary Service Activities.

Vive Mexico has great experience in the development of international voluntary service projects in Mexico and Latin America. It had been coordinating short, medium and long term projects since 1994 as well as special co-operations between Mexico and more than 45 countries of the world.

It had also coordinated a wide variety of seminars and congresses as well as leader trainings to help in the creation of international initiatives to promote the International Voluntary Service in Mexico and Latin America.

Vive Mexico had organized over 800 international projects where more than 3,800 international volunteers had participated, working together with over 60,000 Mexican youngsters in more than 250 communities of Mexico.

–Mexico is more surrealistic than my paintings–
Salvador Dali