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MLTV1101-1 TAILANDIA Songkhla EDU/KIDS 04/02/2017 31/01/2018


InterCutural and Language (ICL) -  Songkhla    Songkhla    Permanent    EDU/KIDS     6

Give primary Thai students have the big chance to communication with the foreigner. Destroy shyness from them and let them used to foreigner even now not only English is important to be in the world. Education camp is the most wanted from Thai people when thinking of cultural diversity. After many camps have done in the primary schools. The students are getting use to with the foreigners and some dare to speak out. We need to keep continuing their chance to meet and share with international volunteers as their improvement. We hope one day the students from the rural area will have more confident to speak English and face to foreigners, also more understanding in cultural diversity similar as the students in the big city. No more knowledge gap!
Volunteers are expecting to work as English teachers in the primary schools. They can preparing their lesson by themselves but the teacher at the school can give the advice (do not expect this point too much even the teachers are also shy to speak out)  and you also get the volunteers history report book which last volunteers wrote what they had done and information you need.
Volunteers take turn to go to teach at school with Mid-Long Term volunteer of this project.
     Wat Leab School, Klonghoikhong, Songkhla
     Ban Ton San School, Klonghoikhong, Songkhla
     Ban Kuan Kob School,  Klonghoikhong, Songkhla
     Ban Kuan Samet School, Sadao, Songkhla
Location Songkhla Province (Every schools is at rural area)
Songkhla is both one of Thailand's most important port cities and a coastal province known for its ethnic diversity and its unique traditions, dialect, and folk entertainment. http://www.tourismthailand.org/Where-to-Go/Songkhla
Accommodation and food Volunteers stay at Learning Home in Peace Village (or Home Stay with the Teacher), the InterCutual and language Learning Center in Songkhla. Volunteers will stay at the dormitory room. Mattress and mosquitoes net are provided. Volunteers take turn to cook Thai food together with the host and have lunch at school, you are expected to bring your ingredients from your hometown for cultural exchange.
Terminal Hatyai train station, Hatyai bus station, Hatyai International Airport
Leisure Activities Khohong Hill, Tone Nga Chang Water fall. local Temple, Hatyai down town, floating market
Extra Fee 14,000 Bath per month for 1st months (including project preparation and orientation week) and 12,000 Bath for 2nd, 3rd month after 4th months is 10,000 Bath per month.
Special Remarks Love to play with kids and please bring some teaching material such as book, kids’ education game, stationary, etc. from your country, it will be the good way for culture exchange and made students having more motivation.
Note VSA provide Home Stay or Host Family for volunteer who has short travel period before or after workcamp or MLTV project