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NICE-SCC 6 JAPÓN JAPÓN ENVI/AGRI 21/10/2018 20/11/2018


Volunteers will work for 1. Trimming bamboo trees that can increase the whole amount to fix carbon in the forest. 2. Making bamboo charcoal from ones cut in the Work 1 to be used as fuel instead of oil as carbon offset project. 3. Other work such as harvesting paper mulberry trees, citrus fruits, onions, helping to run marine environmental education for middle school students and ocean life investigation (incl. scuba diving!). See also https://ivsforclimatejustice.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/ico-2018-green-project-4-japan.pdf

Accomodation and food

Volunteers house (Volunteers will borrow the bathrooms of neighbors that creates nice exchange). Cooked by volunteers. Sleeping bag is needed! Moved by the bicycle.

Location and leisure

Southern part of Kumamoto prefecture in Kyushu, one of the four main islands of Japan. It faces a beautiful semi-closed sea called Shiranui-kai and has some gorgeous natural scenery.

Project hosted by

This workcamp as a part of SCC (Stop Climate Change) project has been organized with NAP (Nobel Apolication of Plant resources) since 2016. NAP is a local NPO to recover natural ecosystem cycles by promoting the regeneration and rebirth of land & sea forests. It’s been hosting workcamps since 1992 that has made a significant impacts to create a forest on the reclaimed land which was built in the process of clearing the mercury from the bay. This forest bears new lives as a symbol of revival and is an important place to pray for the victims of Minamata Disease, as well as for the world to reflect on the effects of modern industrialization. As well as many other parts of Japan, bamboo trees, that was originally brought from China by human being, have been severely spreading and damaging the other trees and eco-system. There is also a new project to revitalize the marine environment. There is a lot of rubbish on the beaches, but when it’s clean, there is a lot of sea food such as oysters and sea urchins. Rehabilitation of seaweed forests is taking place since a few years ago.

Additional comments

Other activities : To join the local festival, exchange party, short trip (hot springs, famous places here). Participation fee : No fee! * All personal expenses, visa, and other food and beverages beyond those provided should be covered by volunteers


Motivation to learn and speak Japanese language(but local host can speak English), be able to ride a bicycle. High interest in environmental issues and their activities, big motivation to work hard, open mind, cooperation with others. Any experience and skills of the environmental work, Carbon research and Crowd funding are welcomed!


Organization NICE Age 18 - 99 Age
Nearest terminal The nearest international airport is Fukuoka airport. From Fukuoka to the meeting point, it takes 3 hours by express train. You need to arrive the airport by 09:00 on the first days and can leave there after 16:00 on the last days. 30th. From Osaka, 6 hours by bullet train (you need to arrive at Kansai airport by 19:00 on the day before and leave there from 11:00 on the day after). Languages spoken English , Japanese