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US-SCI 11.2 ESTADOS UNIDOS Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA AGRI/DISA/MANU 02/07/2018 01/08/2018

Farming and Gardening in a life-sharing community at Stanton Home (Massachusetts)

Camp code:

US-SCI 11.2


United States of America

Start Date:

02 Jul 2018

End Date:

01 Aug 2018


Climate and sustainable lifestyle

Work Types:

Agriculture / Work with people with disabilities / Manual

International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:


Required Language:


Spoken Language:


Description: Stanton Home has been hosting international volunteers for over 30 years. It is a community of 5 residences and a day program for 15 developmentally disabled adults. You will become part of a team of 16 other international volunteers, employees, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities who live and work together. One important Stanton Home philosophy is that the most important thing in life is relationships. Everything else is how we give substance, value, and meaning to those relationships. Many of those who have volunteered at Stanton Home have formed life-long friendships with program participants, staff, and other volunteers.

Type of Work: During your time here you will be: - sifting compost - weeding with hands and tools - transplanting and harvesting vegetables - providing support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they work in the garden PLEASE NOTE: While you may be the only volunteer specifically dedicated to the garden/farming program, you will be part of a team of 16 international volunteers who have a variety of responsibilities and who you will interact with regularly.

Study Theme: Organic agriculture and providing support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Accommodation: Room and board provided in a large home with at least 2 other Stanton Home volunteers and multiple Stanton Home staff. A single or shared room, or a tent. Lunches during the week will be large group meals made from organic and locally sourced food, whenever possible. However, each volunteer is responsible for preparing his/her own meals for breakfast, dinner, and all weekend meals. (Food to be provided by Stanton Home.) Wireless internet is available. Shared use of a car at a cost of $0.25 per mile.

Requirements: Work involves being outside most or all of the day, in all weather. Must have the physical ability to do farm/garden work, which includes squatting and bending for long periods of time, and heavy lifting up to 50lbs. Must have an interest in supporting disabled people, the ability to take responsibility, follow directions, qualities of emotional maturity, and enthusiasm. Skype interview required.

Approximate Location: Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.

Notes: A Skype interview will be required after initial acceptance.