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PRO-HO01 ALEMANIA Hoherodskopf, Schotten, Germany RENO/LANG 07/07/2018 20/07/2018

PRO-HO01     Schotten Hoherodskopf          07.07.-20.07.18       RENO/LANG

Language: German exclusively
Project: Host organisation is the Youth Hostel Hoherodskopf in cooperation with NATHEA e.V. It is a workcamp including German language training. Volunteers will be speaking exclusively German during the whole camp. In these two weeks they will get all in all 18 hours of German-language training. Our teachers are partly trained teachers, partly students.

Careful: we don’t provide a standard course like in a professional language-school. Lessons are interactive and mostly focused on intercultural topics, aiming first to improve quickly the communication skills of the volunteers.

Work: Participants will be doing various manual works partly outdoors, partly indoors. We aim at renovation of a large group room inside the hostel. Design and change of room are highly inspiring and innovative. Together with practise of manual skills this work is highly creative. Facilitation will be led by an artistic female designer. Further work will be held outdoors. We aim at the creation of a play area close to natural experience with work such as planting, digging, wood work.

Working-time will not exceed 4-5 hours daily, anyway excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation: In a house with bedrooms, toilets, shower, all in German Youth Hostel standard. Cooking, cleaning, will be done by hostel staff. Like in all workcamps, accommodation, food and travel-costs for excursions are free as well as materials needed for the lectures.

Location and leisure program: The camp is in a rural area named Vogelsberg, one of the oldest European volcanic regions. The next small town is Schotten. The camp focuses on natural experience. Besides work the leisure program includes hikes, overnight stay in the forest, tree climbing and other outdoor and semi survival stuff. There will be weekend excursions to the Rhein-Main conurbation with visits to topic related projects and exhibitions.

Terminal: Train-station Nidda Hessen Vogelsberg (meeting-point); next airport Frankfurt/Main or Frankfurt-Hahn.

Special requirements: The project is not conceived for absolute beginners. Participants must be able already to use German at least on a “survival” level (A1). They also must be willing to communicate with each other only in German all along the camp and not only during the lessons, and never use English or their own mother tongue. This is an imperative part of the concept.

Participants should also be willing and prepared to spent time outdoors in forest and field as the camp is far from major city areas.

Special remark: Extra-fee of 160€ to be paid upon arrival. A certificate for participating in a project with language-course will be given at the end of the camp.
Age: 16-26 (exceptions for older volunteers are possible).