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GEN-28 TURQUÍA Menemen, İzmir, Turkey SOCI/KIDS 04/07/2018 08/07/2018

Code: GEN-28


Location: MENEMEN

Dates: 04.07 – 08.07

Type: MANU

Date:  July, 4-8 2018 

Are you ready for an other camping experience?
Would you like to experience a camp with many other families like yourself, with a lot of drama, yoga, and art?

Another School Is Possible İzmir Cooperative/ Başka Bir Okul Mümkün İzmir
Kooperatifi -having an ecologic, democratic, alternative and not for profit point of view for children’s education- is organizing a Parents + Child Camp.

You will get acquainted with the rules of ecological life in this camp, and you will be able to help farm owners when you want. Your children will wake up with the sound of nature.

The camp is open to parents and their children aged 2-7. Adults who do not have children and want to join, may come with a close relative from 2 to 7 years.
During the camp, art drama and yoga sessions will be organized for children in the morning and afternoon. Ecology sessions will be held for the adults. Participation is not compulsory.

Accommodation:  Menemen İmece Evi / http://www.imeceevi.org/
Tent Accommodation - participants must bring their own tents, sleeping pads and mats.

Food: 3 meals and a snack for kids, vegetarian

The goods will be supplied from the villagers on the hill. Open markets or wholesale market halls products will not be used.
Preparing the dishes and washing the dishes will be done by the housekeepers
(anyone can help if they would like), the cleaning of the camp area will be done by turns by the participants. The dishes are washed with ash from the kitchen stove ​​and the waste water is used for the garden.

Bread for breakfast will be prepared all together. Transportation: After reaching Menemen Bus Terminal via Menemen Minibuses from Central Bus Terminal or İzban, you can get on Çukurköy Minibuses. Çukurköy Minibuses will leave you 700 meters away from İmece Evi Çiftliği. From then on will be on foot for 700 meters.

Extra Info: Eucalyptus oil will keep the flies away from you for 2 hours. Shower: Water heated by solar energy will be used for shower. Showers will be taken by turn and in the common place. Toilet: European style and Turkish style toilets are available.

Extra fee: for accomodation, food and childeren activities
1 adult and 1 Child / 140 euro
1 adult and 2 Children / 160 euro
2 adults and 1 Child / 180 euro
2 adults and 2 Children / 200 euro

Our capacity is limited to 10 families.