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IT-SCI 13.2 ITALIA Rome, Italy CONS/MANU/RENO 07/05/2018 21/05/2018

Name: Comunity life and extension of the hippotherapy center near Rome

Camp code:

IT-SCI 13.2



Start Date:

07 May 2018

End Date:

21 May 2018


Community life

Work Types:

Construction / Manual / Restoration, renovation

International age:

18 - 99

National age:

16 - 99

Extra fee to be paid in the hosting country:


Required Language:


Spoken Language:

English, Italian

Description: Ciampacavallo O.N.L.U.S. And EquiAzione join togheter to offer social services at local community. They organize rehabilitazion activities, sport and ludic practice for disabled people, with mental, relational or social disorders. All the activities are integrated which means they are planned and realized togheter with our staff and users. Together, they organize services for all people that want to approach to the horses in a different way from sport or traditional equestrian center. This way of working, purely non assistential, allow to create an authentic relational dimension. With this camp we will work for settle up a new place at south of Rome, with the aim of wellcoming more people and offer to them the opportunity to develop a relationship with horses in setting of nature.

Type of Work: The aim of the camp is to create a new areas for the center. We will work on creating an child friendly area where they could play outdoors games, build a tipical lodge made with wood and install a new paths in the woods. All the activities at the camp will be organized in mixed group made up of volunteers and other users. Another daily activities will be cleaning of the house and kitchen .

Study Theme: During the whole period of the camp we will organize different study moments about local plants and animals, the history of the human presence in territory and the use for the horse in the traditional way. We will organize worshops about different traditional jobs with local elderlies: cheese making, leather working, manteinance of saddles and harnesses, agriculture.

Accommodation: Three bathrooms are available for all the guests of the camp. There are two kitchens (one inside and one outside) to cook the meals. The presence of a cook is foreseen during the camp only for the lunch, for the dinner volunteers will have to prepere meals by themselves.

Language: A basic level of Italian is appreciated, as it facilitates the integration between volunteers and users of the camp.

Requirements: Adaptility, team working, punctuality, flexibility and tolerance. Would be preferred animals friendlly (horses) attitude, manual skill and adaptility.

Approximate Location: The camp will be settled up at south of Rome, in a place calle Pratoni del Vivaro, 30km far from Rome, in direction of Velletri\Roman Castle. The camp will be located at 580mt upon sea level, the nearest town are Rocca di Papa and Rocca Priora 10km far. It is possible to reach Rome by bus in 1,30 h.