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SDA 401 REPÚBLICA CHECA Liberec, Czechia ENVI 16/07/2018 29/07/2018

SDA 401 Nature in Teen Hands
16/07 – 29/07/2018
Age: 15-17

Requirements/note: TEEN WC, Parental authorization, medical form.

Project: The workcamp is organized in cooperation with the local NGO Cmelak - Friends of
Nature Society whose activities are focused on the support of a sustainable way of life,
practical nature protection and environmental education. They transform environmentally
damaged and abandoned areas into locations that are attractive for both people and the
nature. In one area of the Jizera Mountains they create a “New Virgin Forest” – a location
where unnatural spruce tree monoculture is being replaced by seedlings of original trees. In
another area, they maintain wetlands. The aim of this workcamp is to help with practical
nature protection in several different locations that Cmelak takes care of (both forests and
wetlands). Volunteers will learn about the local region and its flora and will spread the idea of
volunteering among locals. Cmelak has so far organized 13 adult and 3 teenage workcamps.
Work: There are 2 different types of work to be done (both are quite physically demanding):
1) work in the forestlands and green urban areas: work in the tree nurseries including
preparation and weeding of beds and repairing fences; cutting and collecting grass and
branches, collecting garbage etc. 2) maintenance in the wetlands (cutting grass, cutting reed;
removing reed and other plants from water pools, deepening water pools, cutting out of
wood; possibly also collection of garbage). Be ready to work manually and outdoors, in wet
areas, under all types of weather (rain, wind). Waterproof clothes with long sleeves, long
trousers, a raincoat and rubber boots are necessary. These clothes will protect you against
insects and plants.

Study part: There are some interactive field excursions planned for volunteers to get to know
the locations where they are going to work, to understand why their work is needed and
beneficial. There will also be an intercultural event organized together with the local
community or a fun day for local children. Bring some materials from your country (e.g.
photos, music, recipes).

Leisure time: You can go hiking in the beautiful surrounding landscape, visit nearby castles
and climb the Jested mountain – the highest peak in the region. The city of Liberec offers
many possibilities to enjoy culture, visit the local zoo, botanical garden go-carts etc. Trips
outside Liberec will also be organized, volunteers can visit for example: Sloup rock castle,
Lemberk castle; or they can go canoeing or hiking in the Jizera Mountains.

Accommodation/Food: 1st week: basic accommodation in the Scouts base Hanychov, at the
outskirts of Liberec. It includes 3 bedrooms, a common room, a kitchen, and a bathroom.
There are some nice outdoor areas available for volunteers. 2nd week: Foster care home in
the Novy Falkenburk castle in Jablonne v Podjestedi. There are 2 bedrooms, a common
room, bathroom with showers, and a kitchen. You need to bring your own sleeping bag! You
will prepare your meals together as a group and you will bring lunch to the workplace. Bring a
lunchbox with you.

Location: Liberec and other areas of the Jizera Mountains in the north of Bohemia. You will
use public transport and mini-buses to get to the work place in the surrounding forests.
Liberec is a regional capital with a population over 100,000. It is famous for its surrounding
mountains that are easily accessible.

Meeting point: Liberec train or bus station. The meeting time is usually in the afternoon.
Please note it takes 1,5 hour to get there from Prague city centre. The exact information will
be provided in the infosheet.

Requirements: Parental authorization and medical form are required! The forms will be
provided after the acceptance to the workcamp. We are looking for volunteers who like
nature, being outside and are eager to learn new things about nature protection and take part

in it. Allergies notice: we will spend a lot of time outdoors so you can get into contact with
different kinds of plants, herbs, pollen and insects. In case of doubts, please contact us.
Participation fee: 200 EUR. The fee covers main leader’s salary, some free time activities
and contributes to the workcamp budget (food, accommodation, coordination). The
participation fee needs to be paid by bank transfer before the workcamp starts. More
information will be provided in the acceptance email.

Note: For pictures of the accomodations see:
http://hanychov.skautlib.cz/index.php?page=details and http://www.ddjablonnevp.cz/gallery.
Camp advert: Go green and join the “Nature in Teen Hands” workcamp. Help endangered tree
species and protect biodiversity!