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VYA-Goodo-MTV1805 TAIWAN Tainan City CUL,MANU,COMMUNITY 04/06/2018 29/07/2019

“Old House New Life”, Foundation Historic City Conservation and Regeneration

VYA-Goodo-MTV1805;Tainan City; Jun. 04-Jul.29; Manual, CUL, COM; 2 Vols. Age: 18+

In 2008, The Foundation Historic City Conservation and Regeneration started the charity event “Old House New Life” through civil society. We promote supporting the excellent old house regeneration. It attracted lots of attention and resonated with the public. The “Old House New Life” has become more and more visible in few years. The old town of Tainan which were on the decline got the recognization and confidence back by public participation. The event “Old House New Life” will reach its 10 years anniversary by 2018. Therefore, we arrange a series of projects to celebrate it, including the international volunteering camp.


The operation of old houses is an important part in our charity event “Old House New Life”. The main purpose of this event is to learn how to regenerate an old house and sustain its new life. The FHCCR has been training technicians in the community. Such training allows people who are willing to conserve old houses become the driving force of our event. Textile, baking and woodcraft are the techniques that FHCCR currently working on. Many have developed their professions in these three areas to help operating old houses, filling them with not only architectural work, but also the warm heart of humanity.


Volunteers will be a part of this operation in the way of participating the learning and training of professional techniques, experiencing the spirit of “Old House New Life”.



  1. Learn the community technical skills from the technical leaders of FHCCR.
  2. Try to create a production or a handmade craft by Taiwan culture and your own backgraound. The creation will be promoted by FHCCR in the future.
  3. Help the practical part of old house management, such as organizing the material, cleaning the environment and guiding the exhibition.




Participants will learn the technical skills of these programs in the community. Moreover, Volunteers are going to share their cultures of their background and combine them to Taiwan culture. At the end, Participants support to create a production or a craft by their learning during their one-month-prorams.



Volunteers will participate in certain technique learning and training provided by FHCCR through out the event. With the combination of Taiwanese culture, volunteers are expected to create a fusing work of their learning experiences and home background. FHCCR will provide techniques in textile, baking and woodcraft, etc.



Local district civil hall/home stay. Sleeping bag is required! Food will be offered by FHCCR but volunteers are expected to prepare the meals by turn.



The place for working is at the office of FHCCR. It is located in the east district of Tainan and is 1 km away from the Tainan train station, which takes about 10 minutes to walk from there.



No.3, Ln. 79, Zhongshan Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70043, Taiwan  




Kaohsiung International Airport:

Tao-Yuan international airport:

Several options for public transport:



Touring of traditional houses and historical sites in Taiwan.



Participants will be distributed to a certain learning area according to their experts. FHCCR provides three types of technique training: textile, baking and woodcraft. Therefore, applicants are expected to be interested in at least one of the practical trainings. People with relevant learning background or experiences are preferred, such as clothing design, aesthetics, cooking and baking, and handcraft, etc.


Please attach your CV and motivation letter. It will be better if you have your own portfolio.



Volunteers should cover the cost for transportation and leisure expenses.

Others are provided by the host.