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CYA1849 CAMBOYA Camboya EDU/CONS/FOOD 01/06/2018 13/06/2018

Prey Sen Primary School


Preysen Primary School is located in Prey Sen Village, Thebdey Commune, Koh Krolor District, Battambang Province which is about 70 kilometers away from the city of Battambang. The primary school is home to 87 children from the village who everyday attend the school, except on Sunday. There are 6 teachers, in which 3 of the teachers 2 males, and 2 females are fully government staff and 3 other females are contracted teachers.  

The school teaching operation is done for both morning and afternoon, and besides, there is a food security program for the children in the morning session in which the school is responsible for cooking the breakfast for the students everyday under the support from WFP World Food Program. The typical breakfast for the students are watered-rice and canned fish but cooked in different dishes.  

 The majority of the families are hired-farmers and their jobs are commonly shift from working on their fields and on the other people’s fields to earn extra money. For the whole year round, they collect rise, corns, gasava, bananas, and their children start to work in young age; therefore, the daily routine of going to school is not very practically performed.  

 Join us to Preysen Primary school to give inspiration, and encouragement of children to be active in their learning and provides various of interesting reasons for them to involve in learning as importance. 

Food and Accommodation: This is the remote area, and there is no running water, no running electricity but people there use the solar panel, battery, and pump water from the community pond, but there is access to clean drinking water. The volunteers are going to share bed rooms with local families, share toilet with the hosting families as daily life. We are going to bring tents so that we can choose to be in the nature. Therefore, it’s good to bring the sleeping bags with you. The volunteers are also going to help in cooking with the local families and children at the school.  


 Aims and Activities of the Workcamps:

• To engage with the local children and teenagers in daily work using English language and interaction with international and national volunteers 

• To exchange and learn about Cambodian culture between international, national volunteers and local people. 

• To explore unique experience of being able to explore the life features that has not commonly seen by all. 

• To promote global education among Cambodian young students. 

• Help making breakfast for the students every morning before the classes start.  

• Meeting people and children for socializing with the local residence on purpose multicultural learning and sharing. 

• Visiting local village in purpose of seeing the real situation of living standard of the family   in the village. 

• Organize a cultural sharing with the students or game.  

• Helping to re-construct and re-paint school facilities